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    My Dad picked up this book a few weeks back and he read it in a few days and said he could not sleep after reading it, it was so good so he passed it to me and I read it in3 days and literally found it hard to put it down – it is so gripping.

    My husband is reading it now and is flying through it as well.

    Its all very relevant because its set in Skerries, North County Dublin and is about a topic that affects us all as a society – drugs.

    There are plenty of twists and turns but even I had no idea where it was going to go…I was hooked from a few chapters in to the end. It was written by a man from Skerries, its his second book and he published it himself. I reckon an publishing house will pick it up at some stage, it is the kind of book that could sell internationally.

    Giving it a big recommendation…..well worth picking up. Darkline by Patrick Bentley.

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