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    I’m a big fan of stricly come dancing.
    A lifetime away I did some of those dances (jive, tcha-tcha, waltz…..) but no salsa (don’t have much interest in salsa).
    I’d like to do it again, does anyone know where you can go and danse.
    I’m not looking for an hour class for 6 weeks and nothing.
    More anevening out.
    And dh can danse okish with me but I don’t like to danse with him 9he knows). I’m very much in love but he’s too tall for me, and he’s got a great sense of rythm but don’t know the steps and I know the steps so try to kind of lead but I’m useless with rythm, really useless. So it’s not working.

    So if you could tell me where to go and provide me with a danse partner :lol:
    or at least a place where people don’t mind swapping partners for a danse or 2.
    dh ‘d love to come with me and be happy to danse a bit with me then let me danse with whoever is ready to cope with me lack of rythm.


    I was dancing my little socks off on Friday night at a ‘disco’ in Balbriggan with my sisters and hubby. I reckon I don’t have much rhythm but I thought I was Olivia Newton John after a few glasses of wine…..I was spinning all over the dancefloor. I’d say I looked like a right state but I was having too much fun to care!!

    Fabienne, maybe we should have a mums night out soon and make going dancing a part of it. We can go somewhere around Drogheda that does a good mix of music…I mean actual music, not all these mental remixes and thump thump music. Proper songs to dance to

    does anyone have any suggestions???


    No suggestion sabbi, have never been dancing in Drogheda,
    but id be up for night out!!! ASAP!!!


    ok for mums night out,
    but need as well a couple night out as I need someone to dance with me. Don’t really enjoy dancing by myself.

    So 2 nights out,
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    Talk soon


    I know you said you are not interested in Salsa but I just thought I would put up about the next Salsa party anyway.

    Its on in the Boyne Valley on the 16th October at 9pm. The theme for the night is James Bond. Its €10 and you can dance the night away……..


    Hope you’ll have a great night.

    I tried salsa few years ago, and with my lack of rythm and hip move it was a disaster. I enjoy watching it on tv.



    don’t know if this is any help, but there are strictly come dancing classes starting this week in Dundalk, think at the sports bowl, will look up the paper again and post the info for you if thats any help? would love to go myself but its not at a day that suits! anything for a laugh!!!!!!!!!!


    Dundalk is a bit far for me to go by myself but if anyone is interested in car sharing let me know.
    It depends as well on the dayand time.


    If anyone goes to it, can you ask if there is a place to practice outside the class time.

    Thank you.


    hey, sorry had to go through the greenbin for last weeks Argus paper and sure couldn’t find where I read it!!!
    anyway here it is EmmaJane on 087 7736524 a 9wk course in Dundalk superbowl on Thursnnights, doesn’t give times etc, but sure give her a buzz and see… HTH 😀


    Thank you for info.
    I’m going to call.


    good luck! let me know how you get on!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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