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    Hi everyone,

    I’m so excited to be teaching this new class in Ireland so I’m offering some free 1 hour demos later this month. :D

    Thursday August 18 at 7pm in the City North Hotel – just off the M1 at the Julianstown exit. 10 Mins from Swords and 5 mins from Drogheda.

    Monday – September 5 at 7pm at the Backstreet Dance Studio in Airside, Swords.

    RSVP is essential – please indicate which demo you would like to attend.

    Dancing to Delivery

    ‘Dilation gyration’ and the ‘double hip squeeze’ sound like instruments of torture from the Dark Ages but these terms are frequently heard in the latest antenatal fitness class – Dancing for Birth. Being upright and mobile during labour has many benefits to both Mothers and babies by making labour more comfortable and for many Mums it reduces the time in labour. Now Mums to be can enjoy a fun exercise class with other expectant Mums that also helps baby’s into the optimal position for birth.

    In a recent UCD study – 3 in 4 Irish Mums fall below the recommended exercise levels for pregnancy. Traditionally pregnancy was thought to be a time to slow down but more and more research recommends light frequent exercise right up to (and including labour). Pregnancy doesn’t have to mean feeling constantly tired and frumpy or being wrapped in cotton wool Dancing for Birth helps improve endurance (important for labour) cardiovascular health and tones those all important muscles for birth and beyond.

    In the past Mothers were much more active during pregnancy. Our Grandmothers didn’t spend hours sitting in front of a computer or TV. Lik most Irish Grandmothers they spent their days chasing after several children under 5, washing and hanging out nappies every day, scrubbing floors etc. Dancing for Birth is a low impact fitness class helping women get active so they are more prepared for the physical feat of labour and becoming a new parent. In many other cultures dancing has been used throughout history by women as a way to prepare for birth. It was a way for women to come together and celebrate the upcoming birth of the baby – and becoming a Mother. It is like the old wisdom, the way the Irish local handy woman used to deliver the babies in the community. That wisdom was just naturally passed down in communities. It is about empowering women in their own birth process so they can be an active part of it.

    Long before epidurals became routine women moved in labour, circling the hips is an effective way to help the baby descend. The movements taught in DFB classes are focused on getting your baby into the best position for an easier birth and creating as much space as possible in the pelvis as your baby makes it’s journey.

    This one hour class which can be started at anytime during pregnancy is a welcome change for those expectant Mums who prefer more ‘zip’ than ‘zen’. Enya is definitely not on the playlist at this class which is more Pitbull than panpipes. Classes are tailored to every level of fitness and Mums do not need to have any dancing background – but a sense of humour is a must. Mums learn dance moves that are inspired by Latin, African and Belly dancing – think it is as a fun low impact Zumba class. Mums also learn birth preparation skills and comfort measures for the most positive birth possible.

    Benefits of Dancing for Birth

    Mums who continue regular sustained exercise until onset of labour usually give birth 5 – 7 days earlier than a woman with an active lifestyle but doesn’t exercise regularly

    Aerobic exercise creates healthier hearts in infants.

    Movements taught in Dancing for Birth classes specifically increase the dimensions of the pelvis to allow your baby to move through the pelvis easier.

    Being upright shortens labour while using gravity and lots of position changes reduces pain intensity.

    Reduce risk of pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes and less weight gain in pregnancy.

    Classes are run in Cork, Dublin and Meath.



    This sounds great, fun and helpful for mammies to be. Best of luck with it Tracy.


    Thanks Sabbi – it will also develop into a post natal class for babes in slings 🙂


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