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    Hi All. just looking for some suggesions on starting off in dance for age 4? Girls and boys…anyone try the 3 – 5 class in b’town dance studio? or the one in Drogheda which I think is dance and drama? Is there ballet classes locally and what about irish dancing…unsure where to start so lots of ideas welcome!!!


    Sinead Lightley is brilliant! Our eldest daughter was having a bit of a hard time with some kids near where we live who were teasing her, so we put her in drama & dance and it has boosted her confidence and she is much less bothered now if those girls try to annoy her.

    We had tried a dance class in Laytown first and then a dance summer camp in Bettystown but she did not like them, she said sometimes some of the teachers shouted and she does not like raised voices. We had heard of Sinead Lightley, she was recommended by another mum we know, so we tried there and we are so happy to have put her in to the classes. She has been going to Sinead’s classes since Sept 2011 and loves it. She goes from 4-5pm every Thursday and its a pay as you go option.

    She was in the dance/drama show at the end of the season last year in The Little Duke Theatre in Drogheda and it was so brilliant seeing her up on stage, full of confidence with a big smile on her face being one of the orphans in Oliver!

    This year, we have two of our daughters in the weekly classes, our 8 & 5 year olds and they love it.

    Highly, highly recommend Sinead. or 086-3371187

    HTH 😀


    Thanks Sabbi. I have heard of Sinead before I’m sure. Is she in Bettystown? Glad to hear your daughter loves it. its brilliant to find something like that they enjoy and more importantly makes them happy and gives them confidence..Thanks for the recommendation.


    Wecome to our page. we are holding an open day for our new performing arts school at Drogheda Grammar School in April…
    All are welcome… The Creative Space is just that … a space where children and teens are encouraged to explore the world of drama, dance , stagecraft, music, voice movement and so much more…
    Our classes will run every saturday morning for children aged 4-12
    and in the afternoon from 2-5pm for teens….

    Our classes will run consecutively so that all children attending our school get to experience all that we offer… younger children will have 30 mins of music, drama and voice.. and this will alternate so that they will avail of an overall class time of one and a half hours..
    Older children will have be in each discipline for a total of 45 mins per class.

    At The Creative Space.. we encourage the maximum participation from each child, no idea will be discouraged as our goal is to celebrate the creatvity and imagination that is inherent in all of us..
    Our open day is on April 20th.. at Drogheda Grammar School.
    we will also be enrolling on this day…
    Pm for more details


    My 11 yr old daughter is interested in Dance / Drama Classes, i wish i knew about the Open day… Can i get more information..??? Cost etc..


    Best thing would be to PM libby – then they can PM you back with details.

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