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    There has been a lot of talk about Daddy Pig and Homer Simpson being bad representatives of Father’s on TV.

    According to some recent survey’s, the way they portray dads in those shows as clumsy and silly is having a damaging affect on the image kids have of dads in general.

    Is it really that bad and can they really have a negative effect on children, or is it just a laugh and should be taken with a pinch of salt?

    what do you think??


    That’s why I always wait until they’re gone to school/friends before doing any DIY in the house!!!


    😆 😆 😆

    Its how the phrase D.I.Don’t came about in our house!!!

    Just kidding – the Daddy in this house is great. 😀


    ah it’s kids programmes the kids are supposed to find them funny!
    We grew up on tom & jerry, top cat and the likes and to be honest they can be quiet gruesome if you watch enough of them. I remember buying a set of Classic Fairy Tales for my dd1 and when i sat down to read one to her someone killed in it 😆 i don’t remember that part of the story as a child 😉

    Re Peppa pig – i did stop it at one point as dd2 was doing the pig noise from the sound theme which drove me mental…..she’s older now and she still watches it occassionally, she’s just asked for a peppa duvet for her b’day, she loves her peppa teddy and despite George not eating his veg she’s a brilliant eater! BUT she’d probably only see it once/twice a week.
    I think like anything if it’s on moderation it’s ok.

    on Homer – we don’t watch the simpsons & if we did we wouldn’t watch it with the kids – i personally don’t think it’s a kids programme 😉

    There are loads of educaitonal programmes and yes it’s great for the kids to watch them – my two love art attack, infact any art programme, they also love all the sciene and where did it come from type programmes loads on cbbc etcc BUT at end of the day they’re kids and the love peppa, fireman sam etc….. 😉 😉


    I don’t think its harmful either! Our kids don’t watch enough TV to be affected by it. The thing about Daddy Pig, he is made to look silly but he is kind and funny and spends alot of time with his children and those are nice attributes to have in a Dad.

    As for the DIY messes he gets into, its not that far fetched! Back when we had our first house my husband was rubbish at DIY, I used to call him DI Don’t! There was a lot of polyfilla around that house when we sold it….

    We don’t really watch Simpsons with the kids either, its not aimed at kids and is not made for kids so don’t see why they are saying this is having bad impact on kids images of Daddies. Kids should not really be watching it!

    What about Handy Manny and Fireman Sam and Bob The Builder, they are all good at fixing things so its not all programmes making Dad’s look incompetent.

    I am going on radio to discuss this later so any more opinions and thoughts most welcome….


    yesterday this was silly and a bit funny but now, l’m a bit annoyed…

    During my radio interview yesterday some men came out and said that women have been prejudiced against for so long in the media and on TV etc that we are rising up and getting our own back on them by creating and encouraging these types of characters on TV. That sounds insane to me? They are blaming women for Homer and Daddy Pig and Phil Dunphy from Modern Family??

    I still believe women are prejudiced against more than men in the workplace, media and in other areas so this idea that we are giving Dad’s a bad name by encouraging these comedy TV shows, seems a crazy suggestion to me!!

    My husband and I own and run our business together 50/50 but still in meetings, men in particular, talk to him more than to me. Recently we were at an event and someone wanted to sit down and talk to me about his business but I was really busy and could not spend time with him there and then without any notice! I said I would not be able to sit with him then but that we could set another time that suited us both and he said ‘Can I speak to your boss please?’ and asked to speak with David. He assumed Dave was above me and was going to go above my head to get what he wanted – so I explained, I am the boss too, along with my husband. Cheeky sod.

    I can understand men being annoyed with daddy pig but to suggest it has a big impact on how kids see the role of dads is taking it too far. The men who should determine how kids see the role of dads, is their OWN DADS – that’s their job isn’t it???

    While we are on people being misrepresented on TV, what about the way soap operas portray pregnancy & birth? they make it like a serious medical condition, there are often ‘near miscarriages’, lots of fainting and throwing up and the birth is always dramatic and frantic. usually on the side of the road somewhere because the car has broken down. We all know its not real – it is for dramatic effect, just like the Dads in Simpson’s & Peppa Pig is for comedic effect.

    Its not real people – I think the men need to get off their high horses on this one – women have much worse done to us in the media!!!!


    Apparently, in a recent survey 18% of children do not think much of their fathers. My little girl loves peppa and would watch it 24/7 if she could. She also loves her daddy and their is no one that can compare to daddy.

    if kids have a poor opinion of their daddys then unfortunately, it is because their daddy gave them this poor opinion. Nothing to do with women or cartoons.


    Well said mammycool! Its the Dads who form the opinions their children have.

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