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    Last week I visited my sister in Jersey. She’s a Curves instructor and as I attend Curves Drogheda, she invited me to work out with her in Jersey, to see what I thought of it. (or just to show off how fit she is! LOL :D )

    All I can say is…..Oh my poor arse the next day!!! :wink:

    Honestly though, it was so much fun. The great thing about Curves (apart from the fact its fun and relaxed, with no men and no mirrors – just real women working out at their own pace for only 30 minutes!) is that they are all laid out the same.

    So the circuit was the same as the Drogheda one therefore, I was able to get into it easily and quickly. The girls in the Jersey branch of Curves were very enthusiastic and I had a great time with them. They were egging us on all through the workout and created a really energetic and fun vibe for exercising.

    However, with my sister and I being so close in age, there is always a bit of competition between us, so we were slogging our guts out against each other on the machines and by the end of the 30 mins, I was sweating like a demon. I reckon she out did me, she is after all the pro when it comes to this :D

    While we were not pretty as we left with our sweaty faces, we certainly felt we had earned the pizza we got on the way home and really enjoyed wolfing it down with a glass or two of wine.

    That’s another good thing about Curves. There is no starvation recommended or guilt about eating real food. Its for real women of all ages, shapes and sizes who are exercising to be healthy, not to be skinny.

    It is a breath of fresh air after all the slimming classes I used to attend. Who knew getting off your backside 3 times a week for 30 minutes could be so enjoyable and help so much with body shape and fitness!!

    Next time I’m on hols I’me going to the nearest Curves, it will make the beer and rich food taste even better!


    Hey ladies,

    I am the instructor that made Siobhan’s "arse" ache so much!!! 😉

    It was great to meet her and I am over the moon that she enjoyed our club so much! 😀

    I would recomend all ladies to get themselves to their nearest Curves for a free tour and fitness assessment and you will have the power to amaze your self!

    Curves is for everyone, our youngest member is 14 and our oldest 82. It does not matter if you have never exercised or addicted to exercise, it will work for everyone.

    One of my favourite things when someone walks into a Curves club is when they tell me how great the atmosphere is and so different to any other gym.

    I urge you all to give it go! A circuit coach will be there with you all the way cheering you on!

    What have you got to lose, except weight and inches!

    Cat x 😀


    See….I told you they were enthusiasticover in sunny Jersey 😀 😀

    Great bunch of gals – much like the Curves branches over here. Lots of fun, just for the ladies!!!


    Great that you could still keep fit on your hols, your a better woman then i am… no way would i do it on the hols
    its great that you like curves but it just didnt float my boat, its a good workout but not enough for me, the few times i went it was full of very fat older women who were farting about on the machines

    Its Labfitness all the way for me, pay as you go and amazing classes, im only doing Zumba salsa and hula… did a double class last night power step and hula, 2 hours of none stop exercise and sweating buckets….. i have shed inches here gone from a large 12 to a very slim 10 and my new dress is a size 8. i know i wouldnt have gotten the same results from Curves


    Taylor5, thanks for your honesty – I think that you’ve voiced one of the myths about Curves – that it’s an ‘easy workout’ [a myth perpetuated by men I’m sure:-)] – this could not be further from the truth!!

    The most important thing to note is that the machines adjust to your capabilities and fitness. And the harder you work, the harder the machines will push you. So if you just sit down, and work the circuit half-heartedly, it will respond to you in the same way! But if you work each machine as hard as YOU possibly can, believe me you’ll feel it the next day! I say this as a 30 year old very fit woman who has been involved with a variety of fitness clubs since a young age – Curves really is a top workout! And we have bucketloads of university based research to prove this.

    And isn’t it great that those older, very large ladies felt comfortable enough in the woman’s space that is Curves to give changing their health and therefore their lives a go?? And remember, it’s easy for a younger woman to look at an older one working out and mentally place her as "farting around" – fitness is a hard slog for older ‘workout virgins’.

    But still, congratulations on dropping a dress size – that’s a really great achievement.


    What I see around me there all kinds of women, of all ages, shapes and sizes, all working out and enjoying themselves. Certainly not just a lot of large, older ladies???

    The whole point of Curves is its not a beauty parlour; its for real women to exercise and feel good about themselves. I’ve seen lots of women, of all ages, enjoying getting fit at Curves – me included and I think its a great solution for women all over Ireland – as it is so widely available and not just a local gym in one area.

    Personally, I really enjoyed going to a Curves branch abroad with my sister. I am very proud of her, she has worked hard to get fit and now she has a new career out of it and she is now encouraging other women to do the same too. That’s great.

    Might not be everyone’s cup of tea and of course, everyone should find an exercise they enjoy because at the end of the day, its all about being healthy and feeling good. Thats most important.

    However, in my opinion – as someone who has attended Curves both here and abroad much more than ‘a few times’ I heartily recommend it for other mums. 😀


    Well done Taylor. You must be delighted!!! 😀


    Sounds write so about it so well and it makes me want to try it ..which takes a lot lol…


    have to admit Hmm that I did not think this would be my cup of tea but my sister was so passionate about it that I tried it just to shut her up!! Much to her delight (she loves to be right) I ended up really enjoying it.

    Its a nice environment and a good workout and surrounded by ladies yapping – works well for me.

    if you want to try it out someday, just give them a buzz and they show you around and let you check it out. Worth a shot!

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