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    Hi Guys,

    Just want to put it out there – does anyone know who hosts Cupcake Making Parties in the Louth area.

    My daughter will be 9 next week and is only having a few friends over and this is the kind of thing she wants to do.

    Thanks a million



    Misemammy – if you like, email me your address ( and we’ll send you over some money off vouchers for Dr Oetker stuff. It is brilliant for parties and so easy to use and you can buy it in Dunnes.

    What you can do is buy the cakes, plain madeira ones that are cooked but not decorated and then just make the party about decorating the cakes. Dr oetker has some fab stuff in the supermarkets and it actually tastes nice; we had great fun at our Mumstown Dundalk event last week with chocolate frosting, marshmallows, sprinkles, gold baubles, roll out icing etc All we did was set up the kids with cakes and they went mad decorating them (check out the pics on our Mumstowm facebook page) They have a brilliant range and the kids love decorating the cakes.

    Hope that helps and if you are out & about on Thursday 6th Dec, come and say hello to us in Marshes.


    Why not do it yourself..

    I can get u a basic recipe… and decorate the cupcakes, u can get decorations in sage and stone or in tesco..


    Hi Libby

    I was initially thinking of going down this route – but to be honest I am a disaster at baking.

    If I knew it was Dummy Proof then I would definitely go with it.

    PM me what you think the shopping list would be and what I would need.

    I would also be making the butter cream icing (which I am actually ok at!!)




    I did one for my daughter in April…. with a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds….
    they had a ball….

    I baked the cupcakes in advance….
    sat them all down… gave them little rolling pins / coloured sugarpaste, and cutters / sugarcraft plungers etc…. and let them go wild.
    I helped them with their icing of the cupcakes… obviously withyour age group they wouldn’t need that.

    They all loved it, and got to take their creations home….
    you can also buy sprinkles etc… in supermarket….

    easy, fun party… 🙂


    Lovely idea Chewie!

    I think Funtasia were going to do cupcake parties?

    I think these look cool!


    mine love making butter icing and adding colours to it… they will love it.

    One of the mums on her bakes and sells cupcakes, maybe she could help you with a cupcake party, I cant think of her user name on here!! 🙄 What is cookie monsters user name on here?


    i did one of these during summer too & as well as using the ready made frostings, we also used chocolate spread…for the top….its designed to spread so was less messy & worked out well

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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