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    As I was watching tv I saw that program talking about comfort food.
    Number one was chocolate, but number 2 : tea.

    Yes, I’m laughing (friendly) at my friends who take their tea bags on holidays.
    I don’t, as it never taste the same outside our lovely island.

    But, I will not drink tea abroad (being french it’seasy to spend a week or so without my tea). And the rare times I drink tea away, I don’t enjoy it.

    But after a week the cravings will be there.
    And can’t wait to go back home and have my cuppa.

    The fisrt thing I do after I dropped my suicases (honestly, I leave them in the car, and dh will take care of that later), I boil the kettle!!

    I always make myself a decent cup of tea even before I reach my sitting room…..
    I’m an addict.
    So yes, tea can be comfort food.

    Last winter, I was a bit traumatic for me and my family, and for 2 weeks I kept crying practictly non stop. And each time a friend offerd me a tea and toast (desparate measures, I always prefer in tough times a toast than a biscuit, can’t explain why) it did taste like heaven.

    So, what is the most comfort food (drink) for you.

    And you what is you crave for when you’re away?

    I have to go make myself a cuppa.




    Crisps or pringles…. well really pringles! If im down or having my period I ask dh to nip to the shop and would demolish a full large tub myself 😳 😳 😳 While watching some shite on the tv…. no wonder Im after getting so fat 🙄

    My mum is like that with the tea, but she couldnt go a week without it. If she goes into Dublin City shopping she would have to have a cup or should I say tea pot of tea before lunchtime (about 11am) if not she starts to feel weak and dizzy 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😆 An drama in her life all you hear is "I need a cup of tea" …… Im more a coffee person to be honest and nothing like a good strong cup on stressful days


    Tea doesnt taste the same anywhere but home. What i miss are sausages. Wouldnt mind but i dont really eat sausages but when igo away thats what i would love. Some much so, sorted with the butcher to get some vacuum packed sausages for heading to France on Saturday.
    Then my Skinny Latte, thought i would never get to Mahon Shopping Centre in cork on the way back from France last year. Every coffee in france is with cream. Fabienne am i asking for the wrong thing?


    For the coffee you might not ask for the right thing as it’s easy (as far as I know, never had a coffee in my life 😳 )
    but my friends easily get their black coffee
    ask for : lait or cafe au lait for coffee + milk
    cafe creme is a coffee + cream
    and in France the milk is always semi-skimmed milk (you have to ask for full fat if it’s what you want.

    Hope you’ll enjoy your trip in France.

    For me I spend my year dreaming about my french sausages (saucisse de Toulouse (pork).
    And in summer I want my merguez on bbq (it’s spicy sausages, normally beef not pork).
    You have to try (easy to find in supermarket, not in restaurants)



    Hi Fabienne,

    i would luv a cuppa hot choc 😛


    hee hee…just had a laugh at this fabienne…i know i am one of yr freinds ur talking about with the teabags. 😆

    just back from england and i had my favourite comfort food…pasties..being a veggie…i just love going into apasty shop in uk & buyin a cheese & veg pasty.. and eating it from paper bag as walk along street. yum yum oh and a pea fritter in chippy…why dont they do them over here are so nice!!


    I don’t even understand what is a pea fritter!!!!!!
    Yes you’re one of my friends who bring their teabags away, but I know plenty more!!!!!

    you’re not alone.



    lovely mushy peas deep fried in batter ….yummy dipped in ketchup!


    Love mushy peas but not sure about a pea fritter 😯

    I do love pasties, I would go for cornish pasties being a Meat-o-saurus…. when out on the road working I would stop in a shop and get a pastie and eat it from the bag while driving….. would only get one on a cold wet winters day…. yum yum will have to make some now as I have a longing

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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