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    Cuidiu have two qualified breastfeeding support counsellors in Louth/Meath. They are Veronica Brangan 087 629 6076 and Susan McKeown 086054 7404. So if you are looking for information or support around breastfeeding, please contact either of these ladies.


    Thanks Petrina,

    It’s great to have these local contacts, they really can make all the difference.

    I remember when I started BF my first baby, I had not got a clue. I called on a mum for help and only for her, I would have given up. I am so glad I asked for help because I really enjoyed BF my babies.

    Its one of the things I miss as they grow up!! It would nearly make me go again….only nearly though!!!


    also, there is support and advice from the ‘Friends of Breastfeeding’ group on their website

    They are not pushy about bf, they just reckon if a mum wants to give it a go, she should get the support she needs and they have some good advice on there for that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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