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    super minder

    cant wait im going to dublin to the csi show on sunday at 11 o clock .
    will give full review when i go xxxx

    im like kid at christmas.

    super minder

    i went to the csi thing on sunday. and it was fab . you go in and see short 5 min film in the briefing room. you get a clip board with questions on it. and you go around the crime scence and work out with the help of pc and lab room who did it and why . my other half loved it.

    tickets were 18 per adult and you were there a good hour and at the end you get a cert. very cool. its not for kids under 12.

    i only did one one crime scence but would love to go back and do other two .
    the tickets would make a nice xmas gift for hubby or friend or any csi fan.


    hi. myself & hubby r CSI fanatics (sad i know) but we watch dem all! So glad 2 hear it was gud. how long r they running it 4? & what website do i purchase tickets from?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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