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    My kids drove me so nuts the past few days I actually lost the plot and burst out crying in my car in a car park on Saturday! Do your kids ever drive you that crazy or is it just mine?

    I’m not sure if I’m normal or losing the plot. In fairness, they did say sorry and get me some nice flowers which made me feel all happy again. (until they started fighting again obvs!) but somedays I just think I am not doing a very good job of being a Mammy at all. When they are fighting and misbehaving, I get so wound up sometimes that I just break and have a cry.

    I thought I would share this because sometimes people ask me ‘how I manage things so well’ and I just think, are they mad? I don’t manage things well at all, I juggle things as best I can like every other Mammy I know. And as I sat in that car park, in my car, Saturday crying my eyes out, I felt like a crap Mammy. But you know what, I’m not bad, I’m just doing my best like the rest of us. Some days I feel good and some days, my darling children get the better of me and I need to vent and in this instance, that meant having a good cry.

    Its normal and ok to cry sometimes I think. Possibly even healthy!!

    Do you ever feel this way?

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