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    Most if not all know Joanne and myself. I don’t post the following just on behalf of ourselves and our child, it’s posted in respect for every child in the country.

    I have a 4 year old child that suffers from Scoliosis (from birth).
    This is a non-curable spinal disorder that needs fully body cast changes every two to three months maximum (due to body growth).
    The only place that does this in Ireland for my child is the Crumlins Children’s Hospital.
    I have just been informed this morning (16th May, 2009) that the government has ordered the closure of the wards for this treatment (St Josephs ward being one) and others too!

    The great effect Crumlin Hospital treatment has on my child’s spine cannot be understated. This treatment is absolutely vital not just because of the spine but also if the spine is twisted, further pressure is brought down to bear on the kidneys and lungs of my child. Causing them major further problems.

    I know and met others that come from as far as Kerry and Donegal, who go to Dublin as this is the only place that treats this problem.

    This and other planned closures in the next two months will effect many, many children not just my own.

    Its one thing to slap more taxes on us as adults but when they start closing down the vital services and the treatment wards for our already suffering kids, this encroaches upon inflicting physical and mental torture to our nations children! Harney’s stripping of the hospital basic services and absolute vital staff effects cancer children, spinabifida, leukaemia suffers, to name just a few areas.

    One news story today: ‘Ward closure could kill my son’

    Only the lowest of the low strike out at our children!
    Only the lowest of the low causes further pain to children!
    Only the lowest of the low takes away their vital life health care!
    …And then they have the nerve to ask for our vote! Its criminal!

    Please Help – Visit the following:


    Please consider joining in a national day of protest:

    May the 23rd, 12 noon outside Our Ladys Childrens Hospital.

    This topic will be discussed on Newstalk tomorrow morning where more than likely you will hear myself being interviewed.

    Further information on the cuts can be found at:


    That is a disgrace.

    How many times in the last few weeks have I heard from Fianna Fail that the vulnerable will be protected from cuts. Children, especially sick children are the most vulnerable in society. Closing essential services for children is not the way to save money.

    Best of luck with your campaign, I will pass the word around.


    add it on facebook too biggins…..


    YOu have my full support as my godchild is also affected. I would definitely join your protest but im already booked that day for something else. I really hope they sort this out!!! 🙄


    thanks for the support hopefully there’ll be a great turn out on saturday
    we have to had up there tomorrow for her cast change too
    hopefully she’ll still be going there for the rest of her cast changes too
    she’s just gotten used to the hospital and staff, the bloody government never think of the children in all these decisions


    Hi all,

    I got the following email from Janette Byrne of Patients Together today.

    From Janette:
    Hi All,
    I was going to write a letter to rally your support for our National Children’s Hospital in Crumlin and a protest that is taking place on : Saturday the 23rd May outside the hospital at 12 noon but then I received this letter. (see below)
    If this wont get your support I give up … Janette Byrne (Spokesperson) Patients Together. 085-7302798

    My son is almost 4 years old-he has spent 3 years of his little life in Our Lady’s hospital in Crumlin.He has Down syndrome,Cardiac defects,chronic lung disease,pulmonary hypertension,a very rare syndrome "Cinca" which is a Degenerative auto-inflammatory disease,it causes blindness,deafness,chronic arthritis,elevated brain pressure etc.

    My son is on 15 medications at home and requires 24 hr nursing care.He has had many procedures and surgeries -far too many to name here.He has had open heart surgery and is due more in the future.He is totally peg fed,was oxygen dependant for over 3 yrs and is not mobile,cannot say any words.

    Crumlin hospital is our second home and as bad as it is -it is there and it is our safety net. My son has been in ICU eight times and we have almost lost him too many times to tell you.He is so prescious and we thank every day that we have him but we need Crumlin and are so afraid with everything happening there.It is the only Paediatric cardiac hospital in Ireland so we have no choice but to go there.

    Please help us keep it.Please don’t allow any ward closures- they are already bursting at the seams…

    Yours sincerely
    Aisling McNiffe.

    If a parent telling you like it is and asking for your support won’t get you out there well then we have no hope.

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