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    i hate them

    how can i get rid?

    gave me the creeps this am when 1 pecking so hard thought was gonna break thru

    please advise!!!


    oh i can sympathise with you there. theyr noisy buggrs. have you awake at the crack of dawn. and weve even had a few of the smaller birds get into our attic and get trapped. i really dont know the solution! i know a friend had trouble with gulls where they live.(not in ireland and a diff kind of roof) and they got this huge plastic bird apparently worked to scare them away but it wud probably look a bit hideousand problem wud be getting itand keeping it on the roof.


    Oh they wreck my head too!!!!

    Couple of weeks ago i thought one was actually stuck in my chimney the cawing was that loud till i rem that my chimney has a covering on the top, but feck me youd swear the bird was in on top of me and the poop is doing my head in!!!

    i dont have any solution either iim afraid. maybe go about banging opena dn closed your windows lol (doesnt noise frighten them off)


    thanks 4 the symapthy and suggestions girls. i have to say they really do disturb me.

    I did the windows thing this am, but the terror of them, they so big (crows, not windows, I DO NOT live in a mansion!) ment i only did it a few times.

    Did once have a little bird come down chimney and end up trapped in front room til dh got it with 1 of kids fishing nets – that was a sight 2 behold, him legging it round in nowt but boxers, bed-headed and bleary-eyed 6 am on a Sun, getting the swine out. Which reminds me, we did have a cowl\\on chimney to stop that but it has obv fallen off – any recommendations 4 someone 2 replace.

    So, we still need to solve the crows. Is it legal to shoot them in this country? What can I poison them with? Anyone got a great big fishing net I can get em inand 4 that matter a fishing boat I can sail off Clogher and drown them all!?????

    Yes, they r doing my head in!!!!!


    😆 😆 😆 an idea for this recession…..a company who removes crows from peoples houses!!!

    i doubt there is anything we can really do apart from getting up on your own roof and pretending to be a scarecrow…sussh them away 🙂

    oh i hate birds, i hate anything that flies at me. i posted here last year i think about a bird being in my sitting room when i came home from work, everyone laughing at me but it WAS NOT funny, i was there on my own, ds was at his dads and i had to get my neighbours son in to try and get it out the windows. I was never so scared in all my life!!!


    ur idea foe new co. – ha ha LOL!, I can just c it! Talk about painting pictures with words!

    They r not funny,birds, i would not’ve laughed at ur post, they r disgusting. I have never had an incident with them myself , but I think I inherited this revulsion form my mum who never tires of telling me about how a) She was chased by a peacock in her youth b) a moth flew in her mouth when she was slightly older and c) how her anxiety dream is always that she is that woman in the scene in the Hitchcock film "The Birds" where a flock just descends on her and finishes her off!

    Thanks Mum



    I hate birds too I watched that film "The Birds" when i was a kid and I have a real phobia


    afaik you can shoot them we normally " find" a dead crow and hang it up and its mates dont come back as they think this will happen to them too, some people poison them


    Now I’m sure dh could get a lot of satisfaction out of "finding" a corpse – great advice, thanks!

    Actually, double the fun, he can "find" two – 1 4 the front of roof and 1 4 the back!


    super minder

    get a cat to scare them off roof. crows dont like them .


    YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! touching…..a …dead…..bird OMG!!!! id rather put up with the cawing then have a dead bird anywhere near my house sick sick sick!!!


    I don’t intend on doing any of the actual touching myself– isn’t that what we have dh’s for ????!

    A cat I would LOVE, but the fur gives me asthma which I am gutted about as always had cats growing up, I loved them all, never gave me a prob. Then when I left home at 19 and lived without them, I developed asthma and any cat I ever encounter now is now a trigger – how mad is that?!

    So if anyone knows and baldy cats who’d like to live outside my house with no home comforts but as many crows as they can eat – lash them my way!!!!!



    Don’t know about crows but there is some spiky bits that you can place on your roof so pigeons can’t land on the roof.
    If it’s good for pigeons it could work for crows, it’s just another bird.

    Or you could move to a mansion without crows 😆

    Best of luck,


    Dont have a problem with the crows but its magpies here….. 3 or 4 big feckers that peck the roof tiles at got knows what time in the morning, I do what yummy does and slam the windows shut, if that doesnt work I open the window and give a few loud claps….. its either the clapping or dh pissing himself laughing at me that scares them off 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    I know the farmers around here use crow bangers, its like a shotgun going off every now and then, so get a gun and shoot them…. but if that fails I’ll send you a pm on how to poison the feckers 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Hi, firstly I have every sympathy with you cause birds on the roof are head-wrecking. I work in pest control and do quite a bit of bird work and anti-perch systems( i have actually been working on the new and re-vamped landsdowne road recently).You have a few possible solutions,
    1. Netting, however this may not be practical, it depends on the roof.
    2. Wire anti-perch system, can be expensive but works very well.
    3. Flock-Off, not being rude but these are inexpensive plastic spikes which are fused to your roof to prevent birds from roosting and perching.

    Alternativly have you asked yourself why these birds have picked you? Do you have a food source outside your home that they are fond of? Are you having your compost heap raided by these hungry birds or maybe your little dog Fido is continuisly having his dinner stolen by these dasterdly denziens of the sky(love the drama), either way, give me a nod here on this site or contact me at 085 2860041 and i will do my best to sort out your problem for you.

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