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    Hi all
    my son had a chest inf last week and a friend gave me a bottle of an old remedy called Friars Balsam its sold over the counter in most pharmacy’ just put a few drops in boiling water and place beside babies cot or bed it really helped clear his little chest my friend had been given this by the doc as her son has croupe(think i’m spelling it wrong)
    anyway just wanted to post up the name in case you need something like this in the future.p.s i am not a doctor just a mam.xx


    I have used this before and sold it to many many mammies…. i havent used it in years have been using olbus oil, ds2 has a hacking cough at the moment so will have to invest and see if it works on this nasty cough…. thanks for the reminder about this brilliant product.

    Another brilliant product is Lufa from Vogles, cant use it on ds2 as he is too young but used on myself, was all blocked up and sinus trouble for the last few weeks…. this product did the trick


    great to know thanks .hope baby gets better soon. 🙂


    Thanks Antoinette – great to hear about remedies that work from other mammies. Croupe is awful, my son had it a few years ago, the sound of it is just horrific. Good to know about this – I’m sure it will be helpful to others.


    great thanks for that must try with ds1 he gets coughs in the change of weather…

    also how do you know it’s croupe and not just a cough does it sound different??


    sorry for the late reply havent been on in a while.the croupe cough sounds a lot like a dogs bark my friends son had it and she told me once they get it it can return every year until they are seven.its an awful hacking sound.


    yeah that sounds right… i find it sounds like a seal barking 😆 😆 😆 I use it on ds2 and it works great, i put it into a burner with a tea light and (with a splash of water) it keeps the vapours in the room… dont use a good burner as it wrecks things.


    Croup is horrible but not infectious. I do not think that it is very common but tends to run in families. It affects toddlers but they usually grow out of it around 2 – 3.

    I had it as a child, my nephew got it and my little man had it when he was just over a year old. I had to put a humidifier in his room for a few weeks. He also had to have an antibiotic because his throat started to close in. Tends to affect their breathing at night time. Sounds like one of those horrible party horn things when they breath.


    Friar’s Balsalm…. Yip, can’t recommend this highly enough! 😉

    Its great for adults too… specially when the old voice is gone…

    As an adult, you put a few drops in boiling water, into an old plastic container because it stains…. throw a towel over your head and the container, and gently breathe it in…

    Got me through many a musical this did…. steaming in the wings… 😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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