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    Just a quick heads up.

    Croup doing the rounds

    For those not familiar with it: sudden dire cough (bark) – sounds absolutely dire – starting in middle of night out of nowhere. More common in preschool boys. Viral. Last a few days. No real cure – a little steaming maybe (in ensuite or small bathroom)? As long as can talk, swallow, breathe – ok. Need to be watched. Rarely: voicebox can swell & cause breathing difficulties – call 999! Urgent steroids needed.

    Forewarned is forearmed.


    Ds had this a while ago and it frightened the life out of me,The way he was breathing 😥 I ended up in the cottage with him where they gave him steroids it cleared up a week later.
    Cold air is meant to be brilliant for it


    God whats NOT doing the rounds at the minute!!!


    Yeah, a brief trip outside on a really crisp frosty morning is supposed to be good. Where’s frost & ice when you need it?!!!!

    Just posted so that people have an idea what it is, if they encounter it for the first time – the cough is REALLY scary! First time freaked me out entirely


    had it when i was a child a really bad dose of it i sill get a really bad cough every year i dont be ill with it but it is really annoying 🙄 got it from my brother he was in hospital with it.


    croupe can sound like a dog barking….mad but true. Our son had it a few years ago and it was the weirdest sounding cough. once you know what it is you can deal with it so that might help some parents diagnose it.


    It really is horrible. My son had it twice, sounded like a seal barking, it actually sounds like they can’t breathe which is frightening? I was given a phone number by a friend for a woman that has the "cure". Didn’t ring, decided the docs be better!


    There is a thing called Friars Balsam, you put into hot water and inhale the vapour…. my mam says goose fat on the chest with brown paper 😆 😆 😆 how the hell did they survive the 30s and 40s


    my ds2 gets this whenever he’s teething, it’s not too bad in him, he’s fine usually within a few days until the teeth break through but sounds awful….

    i thought was whooping cough….but my mom said it’s the croup and i had the same when i was small, and my aunt is like that whenever she gets a cold….


    Yes, being prone to it tends to run in families. If you google it, the child should grow out of it around 2ish. I had it as a child, my son had it and my nephew. A humidifier in the bedroom does the job – though makes the room and everything in it seem damp.


    have a steamer been putting it on the last 2 nights but i know now when he’s teething, i hear the cough i know….lol…. but yeah i hope he does grow out of it…. i say it must hurt too…


    The steam is the only thing… my nephew got the croup last year aged 6, sister thought it was the whooping cough… it did clear up and no repeats.

    my ds get a cough when teething but as soon as the tooth breaks the cough vanishes

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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