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    Hi everyone,

    I’m wondering if anyone on the site has children who are members of the Orchestra or who have sung with them in The Helix or Waterfront last October.

    If you have had any experience of the Orchestra you will have an understanding of the standard the kids involved in the Orchestra strive for and the excitement of the children who get to perform with them, singing in their school choirs.

    I am a member of the Parents Committe of the Orchestra and I’m trying to drum up a little support. We’ve run into a spot of bother this year, a lot of the grants related to Peace & Reconciliation have been cut and so have grants for the arts/music, etc and the future of the Orchestra is very much in doubt at present.

    Sharon Treacey Dunne the Founding Director of the Orchestra is to be interviewed on Gerry Ryan tomorrow, we are hoping that by raising awareness on a national basis, that someone might come to our aid.

    What I’m asking the Mumstown Members who know of or have experienced our Orchestra to contact the Gerry Ryan Show after Sharon’s Interview tomorrow and let them know you suport us and the work that we do in bringing children from Republican and Loyalist Backgrounds together to perform side by side. All the children who perform with us complete a Peace & Reconciliation Workshop, which is the whole point of the Orchestra.

    We have been chosen by the Government to represent Ireland at the World Trade Expo in Shanghai this summer, which is a great acheivement. We will receive a 3rd of our costs from the Government and we have to raise the rest of it. As parents we do fund usually around 1/2 the cost of any trips our kids travel on. The Orchestra is a registered Charity and all the committee’s and directors are unpaid.

    Our Orchesta is the only one in Ireland which includes Lambeg Drums, Bagpipes & Ulleain Pipes. We have music specially composed to show off these instruments at their musical best. We have represented Ireland at the 400th Anniversary of the Flight of the Earls in Rome and are the only Amateur Orchestra to have sold out Carnegie Hall New York. We also made Fox News last October for hosting the first ever Cross Cultural Event held in Harlem, NY with over 4,500 children from all different backgrounds participating, which was streamed live over the internet. At home we performed with almost 7,000 children last year throughout the 32 counties.

    If anyone would like to know more about the Orchestra you can look at our website on

    Thanks for reading this longer than it was meant to be posting…


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