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    HI all,

    We all know mums are amazing jugglers from household chores to household spend and this Christmas, while finances are tight, it gives us a challenge to come up with great gifts ideas for Christmas, on a budget.

    If you have any ideas about way to reduce your spend this Christmas, please share them. Might inspire others to follow suit!

    My first ideas:
    Supervalu – I am saving the stamps on my weekly shopping to avail of the half price Turkey offer for Christmas

    Wonder Wagon – I got one for my children to share. They can all play in it together and I reckon it will go down well Christmas morning. I am not getting them any big toys outside of this, just a few small bits.

    Kris Kringle – My family (parents, siblings) etc decided we would not all buy each other presents. We are just buying presents for the children this year.

    Night of giving, Scotch Hall Nov 23rd: Instead of buying gifts for my friends and their children, we are each donating one gift to charity. I am meeting 4 of my friends for a Christmas lunch in December and instead of buying 6 presents for their 6 children, I am instead donating one gift to charity. They are all doing the same.

    Anyone any other tips???

    Member are doing free delivery they have great prices on games / cds etc


    Every single thing I have bought for x mas has been on sale or had discounts on them. Majority has been done online.

    I know its not exactly helping the irish economy but im not going to pay €80 for shoes when they are £50 and then 25% off cos i got them online.

    Google discount codes and you will be amazed at what you would find.
    We do kk on my mams side of the family whcih is great as the limit is high enough and we all get a big pressie that we all want (as we make a list of few things we would like but never know what we are gonna get)

    I already have enough stamps for the turkey so will pass them onto my mam.

    got fab cards in aldi for €2 and have paper from last year haha.

    they have fab trees in dunnes for €50.


    Smyth’s are great I have to agree, we get our kids toys there every year. Their customer service and returns policies are fab. We’ve had to bring a few things back over the years and they are always great to deal with.

    I will be buying the toys etc there – apart from the Wonder Wagon which is in out attic at the moment!!

    Supervalu have great deals on alcohol and Name it still have a few sale rails in store and Harry Menswear have 100 euro off all suits and some other stuff on sale for the guys in the Laurence Centre in Drogheda.

    I think there are great deals to be got locally, if you look around!


    Jimmy Weldon has a lovely book out of pictures of people and places in Drogheda. Proceeds go to the local Hospice Homecare in Drogheda. It costs €20 but a beautiful book and helping a local charity. A really good idea for someone local if you just don’t know what to get them. Also good as a ‘family’ present.


    Mummy 5, that’s a great idea.

    I have bought a whole family one gift – the Glenn Emmets Monster Raffle ticket – fair enough, cost a ton but it is one gift in stead of several, the list of which would probably have kept going if I was to start on buying for them individually. Feels great as is supporting our local GAA, a cause close to both of our collective hearts.

    I am also doing some charity gifts – sponsor a child, buy books for schools, plant a tree etc for teachers and the like. They get an acknowledgement that this has been done in their name and I just send a card with a decent handwritten, thoughtful message too, in the belief (hope!) that the words will mean more than yet another bottle of wine!

    Am on the search for – sure there must be(?) free e-cards than can send as Christmas greetings, thus saving on cost of cards, postage and the planet. Anyone got a site they’ve discovered, please let me know!


    mmm, i like some of the ideas here, great to see a bargin being had and also the spirit of giving still intact…

    i have bought gifts on discount too and i have done kris kindle too regards family and my brothers and i are clubbing together with pressies for the parents…..

    we also every year make our own christmas decorations, which always go downa treat for the grannies etc, we’ll try and make our own christmas cards and wrapping paper…..this year i have set a budget ie: 50e per person in the family and have said that to friends that i will not buy for their kids, and visa versa no need…..

    i alwasy give a charity gift so i will be taking part in the night of giving that’s a defo, have to give better than receiving…

    regards dinner – going to the inlaws so that’s a HUGE saving lol…….

    i find the simpliest ideas and the more thought put in like homemade always go down well, so you don’t need to spend a rake of money just be thoughtful and enjoy the company…..and most of all have fun i just love christams the fun excitment more than getting gifts so much fun hate when it’s over


    Just done most of the kids shopping today. I bought the guys guitars off amazon, worked out €65 for the 2 of them, the Spongebob alone is €47 in Smyths. I picked up a couple of used games in Smyths for the Wii and DS they are perfect and the kids dont know any different. I got most of my families pressies in the states. DH and i going to Dara O Briain in January, DH got the tickets and i will book us a hotel and thats us sorted. Mam & Dad and inlaws getting a hotel voucher from all of us.

    Got a brilliand DS card today with 70 games €50 euro DS Games something like that, ordered it Friday, came by Fed Ex today. I did have a card already but it got damaged. These are a great idea if a family chipped in together for a child. I have picked wii games for my bros & sis to get the boys, i tried to make sure they dont spend more that €20.

    D is skateboard mad so i bought him a skateboard ramp and a skateboard helmet and gloves. Need to get some skateboard stickers as he wanted a skateboard guitar. I got the ramp from Littlewoods for €27 its €42 in argos.

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