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    Hi quick question if anyone can help???
    My daughter was in for 1 day a couple of weeks ago and i Voluntary(done, given, or acting of one’s own free will) give 6.50 for a snack while she is there….
    But they are saying i HAVE to pay for the snack money weather she is in or not…. she sent me home a letter stating that it was in the handbook(which i looked at and there is no ACT ACKNOWLEDGMENT of it!!! there is dinner money which my child does not get) SO what do i say to her ??? can i get away with not paying or do i have to pay?

    Has anyone a phone number for someone who regulates them or is there no one looking over them which would not surprise me in this country!!!!

    Any imput would be great?? anyone ever been in the same boat??


    Hi lawless – you’r e not having a good run of it with your montessori
    The NCNA (national childrens nursies association) is one of the associations that watches over childcare not sure if any help to you think they’re more about the space, the teacher/child ratio that type of thing.
    Re the fee – i know in most cases a fee is paid regardless of whether the child turns up or not. ie i pay X amount a month for my dd to attend 3 days a week – if i keep her home for whatever reason i pay the creche regardless. It should be in their handbook, if it’s not i’d dispute it.
    If i’m not mistaken your dd is in preschool I know i’m not in same position as you so maybe someone who has a child in preschool might have more info for you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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