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    Hi Mums,

    I’m a new mum of a 4 month old and I will need to start thinking about creche’s or childminders for the future. Can anyone recommend a childminder or creche in the Carlow area as I’m not originally from Carlow and don’t know many people who have kids. Any advice appreciated.



    Hi Sharkster.

    You might have already decided what you’re going to do about childcare, but in case you haven’t ….

    I have 2 kids that go to Quinagh Creche and they find it great. I don’t worry about them at all when they are in there as they always seem happy and have learnt so much from the girls there. There are 2 Quinagh Creches (just down the road from each other on the Blackbog Road), mine are in the one closest to town, but I’m sure the other is good too.

    What you need to think of is whether you want your child in a creche or a childminder. I have only experience of the creche, but I think they are two different experiences for the child, so it might be worth giving yourself time to think it over. In the creche the child meets more people and to me it it might prepare them better for school, but that’s just my opinion. Depending on what the budget is, and which you like best, I would check out a few and see what differences there are, and see which you think your little one would like best. It’shard leaving the child the first few times, no matter where you leave them, so you need to make sure you’re 100% happy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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