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    I guess most people, like me, are incensed by the CEO of the Central Remedial Clinic charity getting top ups on his salary from donations made by the public.

    He was very quiet when the scandal broke and has since explained he was away on holiday when it happened (with his 170K salary, he was probably off on a yacht somewhere!!) which is why he did not comment last week.

    But, now he is back in Ireland and instead of taking responsibility and answering questions about why he was getting direct top up’s from money people like us gave to the charity (and I often buy those CRC bears at Christmas so I feel really peeved) he has refused to answer questions.

    So that’s that – he said no, I will not answer your questions. I will not come to the Dail and answer questions. I will not sit with the board and explain why this happened.

    He has just resigned and stepped away from the situation.

    Honestly, I want to get this man and shake him. He needs to stand up and admit what he did or at least have the courage to face the TD’s who want to question him.

    There is just no accountability in this country for certain people and it really annoys me.

    So bloody annoyed. :evil: :evil:


    The unfortunate thing about this is, that it will affect the donations and it will be the people who need it that will lose out and not the big wigs.

    I also found out a few years back, that if you donate to the childrens hospitals, they can spent it however they see fit. Which could include salaries. If however, you write your cheque and you put down the specific ward in the hospital, they have to spend it on that ward.

    I have decided that I want to donate food to SVP – I least I know that the people that need it will get it. Just have to find out where to bring it.


    I have been giving to SVP lately too. I know some families who literally could not pay their heating bill and SVP helped them, so I know this money is going to local people who really need it and that sits well with me

    I also donate clothes & toys to their shop in Laurence Town centre too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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