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    This week Meath County Council sent ‘Contractors’ to do some completely unnecessary work on the driveway outside our house. The contractors explained that because there was a small patch of path in the drive that was a different colour from the rest of the pat, Meath County Council declared it needed to be dug up and re-cemented in one colour. There seemed to be no apparent reason for this other than the slight colour difference.

    These contractors were EXTREMELY unprofessional. They smoked constantly and seemed to do very little actual work. They spent more time in the van sitting and smoking than actually doing any work. When they cemented the path outside the house they left cement, stones and mess everywhere. They asked us to watch the wet cement and not let children play near it when they left, early on Wednesday. That was not our responsibility. If they had laid the cement earlier in the day then maybe I wouldn’t have been asked to watch it. They were completely unprofessional.

    My neighbour came out and asked them to clean up after them at the end of the day yesterday and they said they would but they did not.

    When they came back this morning I asked them to clean up the stones and cement and they said they would wash the road before they left – but as the attached pics show, they did not clean up.

    We are now dragging cement and stones into our house. I am on crutches at the moment due to an accident where I bruised my foot and I cannot go out and wash the road and my neighbours are all upset and complaining about it. I am referring this case number to them so they can complain to you guys and not me!!!!!

    I called Meath Co Co today and asked for a call back and was told someone would call me but no-one did.

    So annoyed!!!

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    I just swept and washed the area down as no-one came back to clean up.

    Its funny, I saw a big sign today saying Meath County Council is underfunded but when they waste money like this, why should they be given more money???

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