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    I was queuing at the bank the other day and the guy behind me in the queue was coughing all over me, I actually turned around and asked him to please cover his mouth when coughing and sneezing. He looked really annoyed but I had to say something, it was disgusting to feel him spewing his germs all over me!!

    Now I am smothered with a cold, which I probably got from him. I feel terrible; am sneezing, coughing, cannot breathe and have hardly slept for the past 2 nights (hence me being so flipping grumpy by now :evil: )

    My kids are only small but even they know to cover their mouths & noses when they cough and sneeze so why do so many adults not cover up??? Even in Tesco the other day there were loads of people coughing and sneezing and making no effort to cover up and keep their germs to themselves.

    There would alot less of us sick if more people had the decency to cover up and stop spreading germs all over the place.

    Righteo, rant over, off to slather myself with vicks and hope that I can get some sleep tonight… flipping tired!!!!

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