Cotton School Uniform for children with Eczema???

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    There must be other Mums out there with this same problem?

    My son has had eczema for years and is starting school is September. Because of his skin condition, I am trying to find 100% cotton trousers, shirts and jumpers for his school uniform. So far I have 2 pairs grey cotton combats, blue polo shirts and a grey cotton jumper. I don’t know how the school will react to the combats but what can you do? I need to find some more pairs of trousers (because of his greasy creams he will need a clean pair each day) and would like some 100% cotton shirts for him too (light blue). But my biggest problem at the moment is getting him a grey cotton tracksuit for PE. They ALL seem to have the fleecy lining which he cannot wear.

    Unfortunately almost everything in the shops is hardwearing, easycare polyester which is a major NO. I have found a UK website doing cotton school uniforms but I am waiting for them to advise if they will ship to Ireland. And I would prefer to find something Irish if possible.

    Does anyone know where there are 100% cotton school uniform items available???

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