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    Hi all,

    DS is not moving to a bed prior to no2 arriving so we need to get another cot. But we can’t decide whether to get one with a drop side or not. Ds’s has a dropside but DH never uses it and I’ve only recently started to use it so my bump doesn’t knock off it…

    So heres the thing – do you have any preference for either or is there any negatives to no drop side??


    congrats on the pending arrival…..

    tbh i used the drop side on the first child i think for about a month or so, then on ds2 don’t use it at all, had to turn the cot around as i was worried he’d be able to pull it down, as he would kick and drag out of it, while trying to throw himself over lol……..but it’s something i never thought about….in one way when you have the baby helping with your back after baby the drop side is grand but it’s remembering to drop it down all the time….

    i know not much of a help of an answer, but wishing ya luck with new baby and decision


    on advise from my own mother i bought a cot without a dropside. she said she had one for us but like Scole turned it the wall so we couldn’t drop it down.


    i would recommend no drop side.i dnt have one and dnt miss it 🙂 🙂


    Maybe even a cot bed?

    Never had drop side and never felt I missed it – I wonder can anyne post what they feel the advantages of one are as i’ve never thought about it…


    i had a drop side cot for 18 months but i never used the side that came down as it was always stuck they can be annoying in that way


    couldn’t imagine not having a drop side……..just makes putting them in so much easier on your back. If my little boy (2yrs) falls asleep on the sofa I pick him up, pillow and all, and can place him gently in the cot without having to put my back out…..its also a lot easier for bending in at night to rub their backs etc. doesnt mean hanging over the side of the cot. He has never tried to open the side……I’m lucky with him as most will try. But again, would be a case of turning drop side into the wall. I suppose when they started that I would normally move them to a bed. He’s a little later going to a bed as he is tiny and fits snugly in his cot still. 😀 . I suppose from a safety point of view the safety element doesn’t come in until they are able to open the side themselves. (i have a Mamas & Papas and if ever needed spares for the clips etc. that hold up the side they were posted out in days free of charge, find their after service excellent- I used the cot for 3 children)

    But what I’d personally look for more in a cot is the adjustable heights for the base so you don’t have to bend in too much when they are babies and can adjust it down as they get bigger. On the subject of cots a good tip I’ve always used is to put the moses basket into the cot from day one. Reasons were initially for safety as I was afraid little people would topple over the basket having a peep in….butthen it made sense. The baby was used to this ‘position’ and saw the sides of the cot from day one….it meant changing them from the moses basket to a cot was easy peasy.


    i have a drop side on a cot bed and use it all the time, ds2 is 1 1/2 and 2.5 stone, he is a dead weight and i find the drop side so handy. I have a mothercare cot and no amount of wiggling or giggling could make the side come down, but think you get what you pay for. Mothercare or M&P are brilliant quality
    i find if he is sick or needs a cuddle or even a kiss goodnight i can do this with the side down

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