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    looking for fitted cot bed sheets………got the cot from my sis…..its a mamas& papas one…….went up to mothercare and was told that their fitted cotbed sheets will be too small and that i will have to go back to mamas and papas for sheets to fit…….is this true??????/…….god knows when i will get the chance to go up there……plus they will prob cost way above average…….anyone in a similar situation???


    We got our cot bed in mamas and papas and i got the fitted sheets in mothercare!! i didnt think there would be any difference in size of ‘cot beds’ and there’s not in the sheets we got, they fit perfectly 🙂


    thats insane, thought they were sized in various sizes and available in lots places. I never heard of the sheet sizes being specific to the store.

    Check out tesco, I saw loads of different types of cot sheets there last week. Also try Smyth’s, they have loads and also, Baby Elegance online have some and they are reasonably priced and Irish produced.



    I would also try ebay as you could find any kind of sizes.


    I have always found the mothercare cotbed sheets a bit tight – and I bought my cotbed in mothercare. They tend to shrink very quickly too. Tesco do really cheap ones. TKMaxx also have good and reasonably priced. Next do a pack of 2 for 13 euro – these wash well and do not appear to shrink at all.

    I find with ebay, you get the sheets cheap but then the shipping makes up the difference.


    I have looked everywhere over the last 6 years for good fitting cotbed sheet and would you believe TESCO do a great range that are the best fit and 2 for 8 or 9 euro


    I’m sure got mine in mothercare and ours was a mama & papa’s cot. Was def mothercare mine are yellow kinda towelling material – they’ve seen two kids out and still in great nick

    I did buy one in smyths i loved the material in it but it shrunk in first wash.


    I got the smyths ones and they shrunk in the wash too… I love the tesco ones

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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