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    Girls i have my Coil and im was ringing around for prices of fitting and im shocked at the cost!
    I rang ran my gp and 2 other doctors in the Dublin Road area.
    My gp 175e
    Dublin road gp1 190e
    Dublin Road gp2 200e
    Well woman clinic Square in Tallaght, you need 2 visits, first for urine sample 50e and second for fitting 155e so a total cost of 205e
    Primacare Clinic Dundrum (locations all over Greater Dublin area) 100e

    How can 1 clinic do this for 100e and some are as expensive as 205e, this doesnt include the cost of your doctors visit to get your perscription 50e and then your 130e in the chemist to buy the Coil….

    Im going to go to my mams which is beside Dundrum, get fitted and grab a bite to eat, I know i have to drive to Dublin but its a saving of 75e on my GP’s rates. It just goes to show its worth shopping around, even for the strangest things :lol: :lol: :lol:


    OMG- is it that much? I’m still considering what I’m going to do, but 😯 I didn’t think it was that much- is it covered on the monthly scheme…….


    yes it is covered on the monthly scheme, I would be on alot of pain medication and i would spend around the 100e, so i only had to pay 130 that month, so got it almost free..
    Im going to go to the Clinic up near liffey Valley, only 30 to 40 mins from Drogheda.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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