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    I am going to be chatting on Shannonside radio Monday about the cost of a debs for a teenager and was wondering if anyone has any feedback about this?

    My own sister had her debs last year and to keep costs low, I did her make-up, she borrowed a dress from a friend and her and her friends all chipped in for a limo/hummer type monster of a thing to keep the costs down. So all in all, it was not so bad!

    The radio station want to talk about the following aspects and are looking for feedback from mums – what do you think about the following:

    Budgeting for the event: where and when do you start?

    How can you say no to certain things?

    How can you get the teens to contribute if they aren’t earning?

    Advice on shopping around.

    How much much should they be given for the night?

    Thanks a million, appreciate any opinions you can give!


    Someone needs to say ‘get real’ (easy for me, I don’t have teenagers – YET)

    Honestly, I know girls who spent more on their debs that I spent on my wedding (reception excluded). They spent more on the dress, car, hair, make-up than I did for me & my bridesmaid combined. And that’s not including the hotel, tickets for two etc etc. That’s just nuts….

    I can’t wait for the day when girls are proud to say – I look fab & feel fab & didn’t break the bank to do it….


    Not at this stage yet myself!

    But was a grad party! The get together before they go off for the night! Everyone that came in gave him money – I didn’t know that this was the done thing, but felt I had to do the same!

    There was a cake and they got food done too!

    He was saying that the tickets cost €140 odd for the two, the hummer was €80 per couple (8 couples in it) and it was only one way!

    Was shocked at the costs and the spread that was put on for him too!

    Can imagine all the extra costs having a daughter going to her grad!

    Financial Companion

    Peer pressure has a lot to do with it. Let’s be honest, a 17-18 year old who is not working should not be expecting to be chauffered in a stretch limousine paid for by parents who are struggling with their mortgage and bills, but it does happen! It’s certainly a little easier for the lads (no tans, nails, make up, expensive dresses etc.) but if people extend to the house parties to see the couple off as well as elaborate transport, it will still cost a significant amount. It’s no different to giving a child 8 presents at Christmas, it’s not teaching any values. In 5 years time, it will not be remembered any differently if a debs consists of a borrowed/second hand/resonably priced dress, getting driven to the debs in a family or friends "nice" car and making a few sandwiches and cocktail sausages or a big pot of homemade curry and rice for the people that come to send them off as opposed to a bespoke made dress costing hundreds of euro, a hummer style limo, champaigne, all the trimmings and caterers to provide the food for the party! Having been through 3 debs in the last few years, my son reminded me recently of the amount that got out of limos getting sick (as they drank the whole journey) and can barely remember their debs which they slept mostly through. I drove him and his date to the venue and they had a ball (no pun intended!) we bought some food but cooked a few things and friends and family made a few dishes and cakes so the cost was kept down nicely. There really is no need to shell out ridiculous amounts of money trying to "keep up" with everyone else (mostly who are wishing they didn’t have to!). Personally, I have more admiration to the teenagers I see suggesting to their parents the econonomical options. I’ve seen plenty of photographs of debs and the econimical ones still look like princes and princesses.


    When my sister went to her debs, my parents bought her dress and I bought her jewellery (costume) and my aunt loaned her shoes and we all basically chipped in so it would not be too expensive for my parents.

    She did not want anything really extravagant though – well apart from the hummer but she shared that with 7 other couples and it cost them 200 each and she used her own money for that. I think its madness to be honest but what can you do….can tell you now, my lot won’t be getting that!!


    That’s the way it should be Sabbi! My niece made hers a couple of years ago – she was bought all Newbridge jewellery for it! And it wasn’t from their cheaper more affordable range.. its unfair the pressure that is on people to do these things.


    yep its all gone a bit mad alright – saw a brochure for debs dresses the other day there wasn’t on under € 350 😯 i didn’t pay a hell of a lot more for my wedding dress!!!!

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