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    I would like to get some feedback from u all on what you think of this… basically, we all know how expensive any medical treatment is here, and same treatments in same or better hospitals with top class surgeons are up to 50% cheaper abroad!!

    I’m just wondering if you think there would be much market for cosmetic surgery / holiday packages – where you could stay in luxury appartment taking it easy while recouperating all included in the price..

    if you were considering cosmetic surgery, would you go abroad for it?

    honest opinions please..


    Yes I would go.
    my sisters friend have traveled over for ops… one a boob job, the other a boob reduction (she saved about 5k as very very expensive over here) another went and go veners on her teeth.
    They were seen in a hotel in Irleand before they traveled and they said it was brilliant and the care was great…… I did hear and see on tv some horror stories about this type of thing, but then you see the same thing from clients who get work done here.
    Good luck


    thanks Taylor 5
    some people don’t like the idea of non essential surgery, but if something is really getting you down, controlling your life… surely if there is a solution, you should go for it..

    they also do reconstructive surgery and dentistry.. still prob considered non essential surgery but hey, tell that to the poor people who need it!

    i’m posting this because i think it’s a great idea for all us irish to have peace of mind going abroad, they can have everything organised for them… totally looked after from start to finish. I’m thinking of organising cosmetic surgery/holiday packages tailor made to suit the individual… after the surgery, you can relax for a week while recouperating, away from the stresses and strains of being at home..
    thank you for letting me know what you think – great to get honest opinions..


    I’m not sure, about doing it abroad. It’s not the hotel to recover that counts for me but the experience and qualifications of surgeons that I can verify (and where it was obtained).
    I’m a bit concern about transfert of medical file. I would need to talk to someone directly before I sign for the surgery package.

    I very probably will have surgery in few years, but each time I had surgery (C section, counts 3) something was a bit odd (off) each time, I did see a bit of running around to stabilise me, still with belly wide open, so … .
    And now I’m more scare about it than I was before my fisrt surgery.
    I had the 3 surgeries here, and they never panicked, did a great job, even if my case was at times serious.

    The hospital care here was always great, I trust them with my life and childrens life.
    We always hear to not so great storys about irish medical care, you’ll never hear me say a bad word from me about hospitals (8 years here, was cared (for me or children) 3 times in various ICU over the years).

    By the way, I’m french and the care we received here would not have been better in France.

    I’ll need to have a lot of info before I go abroad for surgery, but if I’m sure that the care will be the same and for cheaper I might.



    Fabienne I too would second the Irish health system, I’ve had two tricky sections and on the first there was a MASSIVE panic (this didnt help me at all) I have a huge bleed and it took HOURS to stop the bleed, but I have to say when the second consultant arrived it all calmed down, she wouldnt allow a hysterectomy………. I believe that my outcome would have been different if I was in any other hospital other then the OLOL.
    Had a bleed on second but a much smaller one and it was only minor, it was the placenta that broke up but sorted quickly…

    You hear horror stories about plastic surgery op no matter where you get them done, think this sector isnt regulated very well
    I did hear on the news today that irish dentists are getting 30% of all paitents who go abroad with things as minor as pain to broken implants/veneers… they say too much work forced into such a small space of time, turned me off going and getting my implant in poland

    super minder

    i went with a company who done a whole package my partner came too .
    flights 7 nights in 4 star hotel and all pills after ect. and it was cleaner than any hospitals in ireland i have ever been in.
    got my boobs from b to dd as i have lost 10 stone and missed my full boobs. and lipo to my tunny whole package cost 7,500


    Hi all. My husband is from Lithuania and i’ve seen the hospitals and private clinics are of much higher standards than here. I’m thinking of getting my breasts enlarged over there as it is half the price. No i’m not just going because of the price. The surgeons over there are more experienced, they speak english, they tell you what you need to know and there is also a lifetime aftercare guarantee. So, yep abroad for me it is.

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