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    Lovin Dublin today says that the Parent&Baby screenings at Arc Cinema Drogheda are inappropriate and parents should get a babysitter and leave baby at home instead.

    See the article here: … so-strange

    I wonder, if the girl who wrote it is a Mum & if she has a babysitter on tap? The whole point of these movies is because we can’t get a sitter!

    I love these mornings, what do you think???

    Member must be slow on Lovin Dublin…This is purely a traffic generating post as the writer is too ignorant to be serious…intimating that an infant shouldn’t be exposed to Fifty Shades Darker images 😯 😆 Ironically I bet a lot of those babies are suckling on a breast while watching these questionable images LOL

    If you don’t like it don’t choice…An infant is hardly watching these movies with serious intent..get real Lovin Dublin. The cinema screenings are on in the mornings (10 am-ish) when the cinema is closed as they generally don’t screen movies until 1pm..This is a great service they are providing as motherhood can be so isolating. Sensory screenings, Mother/Baby screenings, teens only screenings and normal screenings.there is enough for everyone so calm down Miss Grumpypants. Well done to you Arc Cinema Drogheda for giving moms a break and an option to see current releases in a cinema.


    such nonsense. who ever wrote that must not have kids.

    and parents watch films and programmes at home that are over 18 but it doesnt affect babies. even soaps would not be fit for children i think but a baby doesnt know what going on

    so silly


    Lol – total twat!! Does she honestly believe that babies watch films and can take in what they mean!! Definitely not a mother and has no clue!!

    Do they really have 50 Shades for Mother & Baby? Can you go without the baby??


    oh Mammycool, you made me LOL there!!! Once you’re a Mammy you can head along!

    Hubby and me went to Girl on the train without our daughter and it was grand.

    the babies are so good, they mostly have boob or bottle and fall asleep!!

    I think the Arc is great!


    I’m out of luck – I work on Wednesdays!! I shall have to get it elsewhere.

    I would love to see Girl on a Train as well – read the book, which I found to be very dark and depressing but the film looks like they made it more exciting!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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