Contraception: Mirena Coil

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    Just wondering if anyone has gone down this route, and their feelings about having done so?


    I haven’t (yet) but will watch this with interest as I’d love some more info/feedback on it.

    I was considering it recently after having my 2nd baby but when I spoke to the Dr the other day she says it’s €300 euro, which I just can’t afford at the moment.

    TBH I nearly fell off my seat when she mentioned the cost, but then that’s because it would be free in England (where I come from). Even after 4 years here I still can’t help missing home when it comes to the medical side of things 😉 !!

    Hopefully someone will have some helpful advice for us!



    I have it, I’ve never gone into Labour (2 C-Sections thanks to High BP) so I had to go into hospital to have it fitted under anaesthetic, something to do with contractions and the opening at the cervix…. can’t remember and to be honest didn’t really want the details, lol…

    I have it 3 years just gone. I did get periods for about 6 months very irregular, light but a nuscience because they could be two weeks apart or 6 weeks, considered getting it out. GP said to try and stick with it a bit longer, I did and all settled down. Haven’t had a period now in 2 1/2 years, have had no issues with it.

    It was advised to me that after two premature babies due to HighBP and then hitting 40 I was considered high risk when pregnant with Sarah and they were literally edging me on week by week. So they said while they couldn’t tell me not to have any more babies, that they thought my risk of either not carrying a baby close enough to full term for safe delivery or being born with disabilities was very high. We said we were happy with our two girls and so because of my age, Gynae said it was probaly best option, doesn’t interfere with bladder (so kidneys safe) and doesn’t affect Blood Pressure (so that wasn’t interfered with either).

    I have another 2 years for it to go. At the time I got the prescription from the Gynae at my 6 week check and got it filled in the chemist so only had to pay the max for the family drug card thing, I think it was €110. Quinn covered my day out in Beaumont and the Gynae’s Costs.


    oh im glad to read this post, i just got my perscription for mine during the week. it will only cost 110 in the chemist and the cost of fitting…
    my sister got hers fitted in the well woman clinic in The Square in Tallaght (she lives in Kildare and drove up) her doctor wanted 150 to fit well woman 60 euro.
    I intrested in what you say sparkleycake, i had two sections onmy boys but did have labour on both of them, go to 7cm on one. My gp said its okay for fitting, it would be a bit more tricky and take a few minutes longer…… kinda worried about it now!!!!!

    i went down this route after hearing from my sisters and friends, all fantastic reviews… one sister suffers with Endometriosis like myself and her symptoms have vanished so thats the reason im going for it, but maybe i’ll be the one who has nonstop periods 🙄


    I got it in about 6 weeks ago, which reminds me I must book my check up!!
    It cost €120 (with the Drug Refund Scheme) and I got it fitted by Dr. Slattery in the Boyne Medical Centre, my own doctor did not do it… and she charged €110 for consultation, fitting and 6 week check…

    I did price other doctors but they were about €100 more!

    Have had no problems since I got it in! Was painful getting it in… I was told it was like a smear test but was bit more uncomfortable than that!!

    Taylor – I checked Wellwoman – you can see the prices online, they charge €180 to fit the Mirena!


    Well, lets see how this goes… had it done this morning… had prepared myself for pain and trauma, and for me it was just like a smear, uncomfortable, but nothing more than that… not painful. So, I suppose the next little while will tell me if its for me or not!

    My GP wanted me to go to the hospital and get it done there, and after waiting for an appointment, for which I’m still waiting, I went back to her and asked if she would at least try. She was very hesitant due to my extensive medical history…
    but after all was done she said she couldn’t believe how easy it had been… so happy days…


    oh thats great news chewi… i have mine just need to make an appointment for the fitting, being like a bit of a chicken 😳
    Going to go to one of the female gp’s to fit it. I did ask last week did i need to go to the olol to get it fitted due to having two sections, they did say it was tricky but can still be done

    super minder

    im on my 3rd coil and love it. less weight gain. little periods and after 3 months i get none

    not too painfull to get in. and when i had it out to try for baby daniel had it out end of jan and got up the duff lol in the april

    go for it pet


    Hello, I got my mirena coil fitted back i n April. I got the precription from my doctor and i only paid 50 euro to get it fitted by Newbridge Women’s Health. Now, I am thinking of removing it as i have been bleeding ever since i got it in and also feel i am gaining weight.


    God 50e thats a brilliant price, my doctor is 120 or 150 euro!!!

    My sister had bleeding like that when she first had it fitted, he doctor advised her to wait a good six months to let her body adjust and things to settle…. well it did settle down, she now has NO bleeding at all, might be worth waiting a bit longer


    I have Mirene for 2 years. very happy with that. No pain no problem. I got it for free. For medical card holders- but not sure know, that was 2 years ago, but it’s worth to check with your GP .


    I got it done about 3 or 4 months ago and have had no problems.
    It is still free for medical card holders. 😀


    I actually have the blooming thing but have been too chicken to get it inserted. Keep saying I might go again – unlikely though that is! Ob-gyn recommended it after baby 3 (am nearly 40) as less hormones etc, but still working up the courage to take the bit by the teeth. Cost wise, it is prob about the same as the pillover the 5 years….


    Pookie its really not painful getting it in! I was the same getting mine but Its grand its a bit uncomfortable for about 30secs.. Kinda like getting a smear test!


    Got it inserted, fine. Now I’m scared to have it removed. Keep saying later. I’m about 6 months late already, I should really.
    Have to call on monday to find a place where they’ll do it. First medical centre said no, and gave me a name in Navan who might.


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