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    busy mum

    i suffer from contact dermatitis any tips on how to keep this a bay and does stress make it worse cause im major stressed at the moment and my skin is in bits


    My partner suffers from the same thing, he finds neem cream from A.Vogel very good, you can pick it up in most chemists. Also Trilogy moisturising cream is brilliant for soothing it, this is stocked in alot of health shops. Hope this helps 🙂


    Contact dermatitis is often caused to the skin due to the person’s lifestyle or job. Often nurses get dermatitis on their hands due to a reaction to the latex gloves they need to wear, hairdressers from constantly washing hair in harsh shampoo/then getting dried out with hot hair dryers, people who drive for a living often get dermatitis on their hands where the material of the steering wheel irritates them – I seen one case where a man who delivered home heating oil developed dermatitis on his legs from his overalls being splashed with oil on a continuous basis.

    The first step to combat dermatitis is to make an alteration in your daily chores if this means changing from latex gloves to vinyl gloves, putting a steering wheel cover on or wearing protective clothing.

    The next step is to manage your dermatitis with your daily cleansing and body care routine. Use a combined therapy approach to skin care, meaning washing daily in a gentle wash/shower gel, moisturise after cleansing (and as often as required throughout the day) and using a gentle shampoo (as sudd’s rinsed off the head/scalp can run over the body and cause irritation). Don’t use hot water to wash, luke warm or slightly cooler water is better for the skin.

    Many medical experts believe over use of harsh products is linked to the rise in sensitive skin conditions. By using Elave you will see and feel the difference as your skin is rebalanced, deeply hydrated and protected. Innovatively combining advances in skincare with clean formulations your skin is healthy at any age.

    Elave also have Men’s range which includes, a Shave Gel, Shave Balm and Daily Defence SPF15+

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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