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    From RTE’s Consumer Show…..

    We’re looking for a family (mum, dad & a few children) to talk to and film about a common food ingredient which we’re all eating too much of in this country – through no fault of our own since it’s in a great deal of
    the foods we buy. Do you know of anyone who might be interested in participating? We would like to meet with whoever does the shopping
    once beforehand to see what the family typically buys and then to return on Friday week the 18th February to do the filming of the shopping and
    a look at the products bought, probably in a kitchen with the show’s presenter Keelin Shanley and dietician.

    If anyone is interested can you please ask them to please get in touch as soon as possible?

    With many thanks,
    Jill Nesbitt, Researcher
    The Consumer Show
    Montrose House
    Dublin 4

    Ph: 01 208 4644 / Mob: 086 3552081

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