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    OLOL Drogheda received the award of Baby-Friendly status today.

    The Baby-Friendly initiative is based on criteria outlined by UNICEF and WHO to promote breastfeeding in Maternity Units Worldwide.

    OLOL has recently been recognised as one of Ireland’s most progessive maternity units this week for their Mother-Friendly labour and birthing practices


    whoop whoop it fab to see the OLOL get some positive feedback for once…………. did see the positive coverage in the media though! Sure they only cover the negative 🙄


    Here you are Taylor – it is from the Sunday Independent this week

    OLOL is recognised for their open policy on birth partners! 😀

    here is article:

    Birth visit clampdown ‘puts mums in danger’ … 92459.html


    I seen that Jene all but on the last line, but none the less its positive news…… I hate how the OLOL is the whipping boy for the Irish Healthcare system

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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