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    just heard my niece saying that she spent €14 in school today ordering food and that all the girls who made their confirmation did the same?????? Its done with the teachers consent as they are the ones who placed the order for over 90 girls. What a lot of money for one child to spend on fast food in school for lunch., never mind what the bill was for 90 girls.I was amazed at this happening. What do other people think.


    how can one child spend 14 euro??? what were they buying??!!

    even if I went to Eddie Rockets I would not spend that much on myself. that’s shocking. with an obesity epidemic sweeping the country, that’s shocking and am awful waste of money.


    €14 for lunch time food for a 6th class child???!!! :shock::shock:

    You could comfortably feed 2 adults from a chinese takeaway for that! (or 8 adults from Aldi!)

    And in a place that is supposed to "teach" children?

    Obesity among kids is a problem and also knowing and appreciating the value of something. 😕

    (That’s almost 4 bottles of Italian wine from Aldi 😆 )


    Hawkeye, at least the teachers did not let them buy 4 bottles of wine each 😉



    it was a meal deal and a desert she got. I know what I would have been saying if it was my child’s school… 😡 . What happened to a little party at school the next day…..why do they need so much food.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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