Conception the fun way….

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    Ray D’Arcy show have been running a sexperiment lately where they suggest couples have sex everytime the man wants to (which is usually more than the woman wants to!)

    The idea behind it is that women will enjoy it anyway, although they may not have wanted to do it initially, they end up having a nice time once they get into it.

    Since they started this sexperiment, several couples have found themselves expecting babies. Some of these couples had been trying for a long time to get pregnant and perhaps the distraction of this took their mind off the worry of TTC and they ended up having fun and it just happened for them.

    A friend of mine had been trying for a long time and now she is pregnant too.

    Not sure if this is helpful but just thought I’d post it anyhow. It can’t hurt!!

    Just though I would put this out there….


    Tried it….very hard to keep it up for more than a month or so….. 😆 😆

    hubby just reading this over my shoulder saying lets try it again…. 🙄


    I will phone before I stop by from now,
    don’t want to interrup you two lovebirds.



    Sure there’s no harm in having a bit of fun….

    hope you had a nice night last night Moonflower….and not too tired today!!!


    😆 😆 ….no that wasnt why i was giggling fabs just now…i knwo what u were thinking………


    Who else is having fun conceiving?


    Hi fabs,

    yes i went on here yesterday & saw lots of views but no posts…think its a bit of a taboo subject that lots of people liek to keep to themselves as having trouble conceiving can be so tough emotionally….but its good to have a light hearted fun chat about it on here…



    I was told I should never have gotten pregnant as my womb is sooo damaged from endometrisosis (sp) I’ve gotten pregnant 3 times and feel bless everytime… feel very very luck but know other woman who havent been.

    Read the Ray Darcy story 35 pregnancies so far 😆 😆 :lol:,


    wow my hubby would love this subject….lol….think men happy to have it whenever…lol


    thing is thats what a lot of fertility doctors tell you,you are not having enough sex…which is probably right in many cases..but then otehrs only have sex once in a blue moon & get pg … has to be other factors as well…but apparently to be in wiv the 25% chance of conceivin naturally each month you have sex min 3 times per week….so if you are not having it that often you have even less than 25% chance of conceiving naturally each month…. 🙄 🙄


    Hi all,

    Only just found this thread.

    We did the sexperiment but didnt get pregnant, unfortunately. Wish it was only that easy.

    I was listening to ray darcy at the time and it was very interesting theory, hadnt been listening recently so hadnt heard about all the pregnancies – thats great news.

    Talk later.


    great to see it works for some…but depends on what problem is i really feel….as for relax take your mindoff it & it happens…yes that also happens for some…but many of us arent that lucky….with 7 frozen future babies in storage waiting for us…we couldnt of been more relaxed over last few years….and not only did we not get pregnant naturally…unfortunately all our 7 embryos didnt make it either….

    so when we get comment when you relax it will happen…its not what we really need to hear….and its probably most over used comment to anyone trying to conceive….

    & more sex…yes great but i woudl say us long time trying to conceivers have tried this many a time over years….in positions many would not even consider a possibility…head stands, handstands, turkey well as the more normal positions……..

    but still nice to hear it works for some…..

    will keep you posted if we get any luck on our lets try again and really go for it this time technique…


    So true Moonflower… so true! If only it was as straightforward and and as simple as that. For some couples, having sex once a month can also result in a pg and then they ask themselves how the hell it happened. I ask, "what was their secret?" The answer I usually get is "I don’t know" or "I must be very fertile" For us TTC we’ll just have to carry on having fun!




    Hey girls,

    I guess there are lots of factors that come into play about TTC

    I was just quite inspired by the sexperiment on Ray D’Arcy show and thought I would share it…as there have been lots of happy pregnancies resulting from it and hopefully more to come too.

    Hope it didn’t offend. I had fertility problems myself for years before I got pg but I got past them eventually but I really cannot understand how difficult it must be TTC.

    I hope some more parents to be find this thread and that you can get support from each other by chatting and sharing advice.

    It should not be taboo and as this section takes off, hopefully you can get some comfort from chatting with other people in similar situations.

    Best of luck.


    Hi sabbi,

    oh no my commnets were not aimed at you…i know where you were coming from with what you said…….it is great to see this chat going on here & i can only thank you for that…

    still not many posting on this probably am in minority…certainly feels like it when you go places & everyone has 2 or 3 children….but of course back to same old cliche…if you are single everyone u see is a couple…if u long to be pregnant everyone u see is pregnant…if you long for another child everyone you see has several…only see what you what you are looking for i know…….

    right better log off am up early thsi saturday to go on a course dont want to be late 🙂

    talks soon,

    Moonflower x

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