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    Hi everyone, I would just like to bring your attention to something that happened to me today. I was called on two occasions firstly by a man and then a woman proporting to be from Microsoft, claiming that my computer was riddled with a virus and if I would log this particular number into my computer this problem would then be resolved.

    When I began to query their claims and tried to ask some simple questions, they became evasive and then quickly hung up.

    Apparently this is a scam to steal significant information from your computer, so please be careful. My partner said that he heard about it last week on Sile Seoige’s radio show.



    this has also happened to me twice in the past 2 months,both times a manwith an indian accent telling me i had a problem with my computer & for me to turn it on & they woiuld fix it.I just hung up.Unfortunately id say they must catch a precentage of people out with this scam otherwise they wouldnt keep trying.


    This is going on a few years now, i got about 6 calls in a row.

    I told your man i didnt have a computer, he was like WHAT no computer, then i told him i didnt have a telephone!!! 😆 😆 😆

    Next guy i wound up big time, i was like "oh no thats terrible!!!" i gave him made up credit card numbers….

    Next call i said i would ring the garda…

    Then dh got on the phone and told them he worked for microsoft, have a bit of fun with them 😈 😆 😆 😆


    Yeah we get this call on a regular basis.
    If you ask them for a phone number or more details on their company they inevitably hang up.

    I got one of the calls yesterday and asked the guy was he running a nice scam…the next sound was the buzz of a dead line!


    Yeah, we are always getting those phone calls, they rang today actually & dh told them they had the wrong number.

    I always know its them as the phone is quiet for a minute, you have to say hello twice & then there is a foreign voice saying hello.

    They are F*ckin annoying.


    Yes we’ve got these too, several times a year over several years. We even got one on Christmas Day. The last call was a month ago and DH said "we don’t use the computer online my child just uses it to play games so it can’t be a virus" The guy got agitated and demanded that my dh put our child on the phone! Needless to say he didn’t. I was told by someone in the IT sector that Microsoft would never ring so I was always sceptical about these calls and the manner of the callers who are very persistent.


    I think loads are familiar with this one by now. There’s also a lot of email phishing scams, where they say that your online bank account had to be suspended and to click on a link to re-confirm details. DO NOT click on any such links, no bank will ever ask you to do this.


    One time, because I was so fed up with them calling all the time, I told the guy on the phone I did not live here and that I was actually robbing the house! I said he had interrupted me in the act. He must have thought I was a nutter because it got him off the phone fairly quickly.

    I was so bored with them always annoying me with these calls and I was in a funny mood that day so decided to play with them a little….Usually though, I just hang up.

    I am also skeptical of the calls looking for money for the children’s hospitals because those calls come from OUTSIDE IRELAND??

    I run the mini marathon for children’s charities each year and am involved in other fundraisers for them and would much rather do that than give my credit card or bank details to someone in another country asking me to help my local hospital??? It just sounds like another scam to me…


    I actually have 9 million euros in my bank account and sadly due to a mix up with my bank I need to re lodge it somewhere else.

    Could someone kindly send me their bank details and I will gift them 25% of my money.

    Thanks 😆 😆 😆 😆


    😀 😀 My junk email is full of those! I also got a text from the Dutch Lotto the other day saying I had won yet another fortune. David Cameron himself is aways emailing wanting me to go into business with him. I have to keep letting him down gently as I don’t do business with Old Etonions.

    I have had three of those stupid phone calls now and it is getting so annoying, creepily they even know our full names.


    This is another good reason to get rid of my landline, its always the landline these people ring me on but im sure before long they will be ringing the mobile too.

    Something really should be done about them.

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