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    Since winning the Jellyprint comp (see my other post :-)) I have been entering more competitions and I got a winning email this morning. A Dora DVD … I have a boy but that’s alright he needs strong female role models as well!!

    Are any of you into comping? Here are a few sites I have found: (Mostly UK but has a section for Irish Comps) (Where I won Dora DVD) (Indo comps)

    There is also a comp running in the Drogheda Leader just now for a Luxury Midweek Break (mind you its for a hotel in Tallaght … hardly luxury now is it!!!)

    You know what they say .. you gotta be in it to win it :D


    You lucky little devil!
    Thanks for all those great links … don’t forget to add them to our PINK LINKS section too!


    you must be on some winning streak… the lotto….. 😆


    I’m going to!! Talking of Winning Streak I would looooove to get on that. I buy one on a Sat & Sun (have to limit myself!) then get ds to kiss the envelope for luck before I send it in!!


    Gigglepops I worked in Tallaght for years and loved the place and the Tallaght people, they have a community spirit that would be hard to find anywhere else.

    As for winning Streak it bettter be a good kiss your kids give it, I worked in the Lottery years ago and Im not kidding we would have to take about 5 tickets (we had to have 100 for the barrell) per mail bag and the rest would be shredded, so you talking thousands of tickets a week 😯 Dont think the sales numbers are as high now days, but in the begining they were.
    I always crack up when I hear people saying "Oh I have a ticket in this week" yeah you and half the country….. but saying that someone has to win and it only takes one ticket to get onto the show

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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