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    One week to go and stressing about food. I have a big family, so need lots.

    I had a voucher for a deli and have managed to get:

    2 x Lasagnes
    1 x Coleslaw
    1 x Broccoli & carrot salad
    1 x Waldorf salad
    1 x large tray of goujons

    I was thinking of Chicken curry & rice – I have a slow cooker, which can be set running that morning. Rice will have to be cooked . Anyone have a nice curry recipe, that does not involve a jar of sauce?

    Would you normally have a hot side dish with lasagne? I was thinking I might burn garlic bread(with everything going on!!)

    I have ordered cocktail sausages and goujons from the local butcher, to go with the goujons for the kids.

    I am going to make another plain salad with just greens, tomatoes and onions.

    Cake from McCloskeys. Kids want to make cake pops this weekend – they actually did a class and turned out well. I probably need another dessert or two.

    Any suggestions other suggestions? Would you do cold meats and bread as well?


    We got some salads from Stockwell cafe last year and have to say, it was gorgeous.

    We got a mix of salad stuff and they had them all in individual containers and we just opened them up at the table and let people serve themselves.

    It was super easy, very tasty and not expensive.

    You can do cheese and pineapple on sticks and also, fruit skewers (kids love these!)

    You could also do chocolate, fudge and fruit skewers too. Yummy!!

    If any of your relatives have a speciality dish they make ask them to bring it along. My aunt makes a great lasagna and my Nanny makes super apple tarts so I usually ask them to bring something along.

    You could also get a couple of loaves of fresh bread (like vienna loaf, sourdough) and just cut them into slices and have rolled up slices of ham and turkey laid out beside them so people can make open sandwiches with the bread, meat and some salad.

    Hope that helps a little!!!


    Thanks Sabbi, sounds yummy!! Think I am just stressing now, in case I do not have enough food out!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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