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    Got my sons communion in May and was just wondering what do people do these days to celebrate the day when it was mine I remember being brought to the zoo then to see my relations.Also was wondering do parents give cards with money to kids from his class like his best pals if so how much goes in it?


    My ds communion was last year but it was also his bday the day before too so had a joint do in local gaa club with a magician and food it was a great day…very tiring tho 🙂

    I did not go down the route of classmates cards, thats just pure madness, got my friends child a card as he was making it the same day but thats it. Steer clear of that, there is no need.

    My cousin is making hers the 1st may and my aunt is having it at home with a bouncy castle and just family up…Im looking forward to it.

    Do whatever you like for the day, there are no set rules, its up to yourself, dont put yourself under any stress, its about the religion of it after all.


    thanks just needed someone elses opinion you have set my mind straight


    Def think yummy is right
    My sis did exactlly the same as yummy’s aunt – the little one stayed in her communion dress until everyone arrived then went and changed and had a ball with her cousins and a few neighbours kids- was a great day.
    She wore her dress to mass the following day and
    The following week – they went out for a family dinner just the 3 of them and the little one wore her dress (just to get a wear out of it)


    Why dont you talk to the parents, im sure you will meet them at meeting before the big day…. why not all the parents pick a childs name from a hat and they give that child a card with 10 euro…. so each child gets a card and none will be left out… or maybe the money wouldnt be too exciting to an 8 year old, so why not give movie voucher or mc Donnalds vouchers.. that would impress an 8 year old 😆 😆 😆 😆
    I love the idea of callng to your relations and having a mini treat in each house… we did hte zoo too.
    most people go out or have food at the house. The black bull do great offers and deals


    We were told that there was to be no exchanging of cards either inside or outside the church on the day so nobody did. I had given Robbies 2 friends their cards before hand.

    We came home after the church and I had sandwiches and cakes for whoever called on the day. Then that evening we went to Redz, just the nanas and grandas, aunts and uncles and us.

    Next day we went to the zoo….


    Ed that sounds lovely, some go very ott


    like your idea a ed 1 will prob opt for that as my mum in law lives in loughshinny and my mum lives in cavan so will have something in the house thanks guys


    hi vegnagorman, first read this and thought, went to the zoo to see our relations 😆 😆 😆 😆
    Two years before the boys make theirs, it will be the last communtion on my side and the first on DH’s side. My sister on the town of hers, everyone back to the house and she did, curry and canneloni and cakes. Anyone who want to got to the pub could go (all of the men) and it was a great day.

    Would probably do something similiar myself and then just something for the 4 of us.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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