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    Has anyone been watching this? The menus are not the most inspired are they?

    Last night the lady hosting in Waterford served chicken Fajitas with the seasoning from a packet and guacamole from a jar! This is not exactly gourmet cooking.

    There’s nothing wrong with this kind of food but if you were going on a TV cooking show, wouldn’t you come up with something a bit more fancy?

    The characters are all a bit mad, although it is entertaining in a cringy sort of way.


    I think its an utter joke.. last week they didnt know what a Quail was? Last week the Elvis fella did a wee in the hosts back garden.
    The people are so "Irish" and the food not great….. cant wait too see what the posh ones house is like


    i’ve been watching it all along
    Loved the first week – the cork crowd were great crack food wasn’t amamzing but they were out for a good laugh and they were entertaining BUT since then it’s really been a disapointment. Find the bitchiness or crudeness is "put on" for reaction etc and none of the food has made me interested in looking up the receipes – did anyone see the episode of the pig cheeks YUCK YUCK!!!!
    i’ll keep watching in the hope it improves! 😉
    DH who is the cook in our house HATES it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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