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    For all our Junior Diners-

    A New Colouring Competition featured on the back of all our children’s menus, launches tomorrow!!

    Monthly Prizes of a family swimming pass to Aura Drogheda up for grabs!

    Category includes – Under 5 Year & Over 5 Years



    We had dinner with the children at the Glenside on Sunday and it was great because they stayed quiet until our food came as they were busy colouring in.

    So simple but so effective!! And as always, the food was gorgeous and really good value. 🙂


    Glad You enjoyed your meal, the colouring competition is really popular and can even be taken home to be finished which is popular with some of the artists! This months winner will be announced next week for the under five and over five category a family day swimming pass to aura Drogheda!


    Went there last night.
    Kids happy with the colouring and us with the meal.
    Very very child friendly.
    Would still have loved to see a carrot or 2 not more on the kids plate rather than an extra to buy with their meal (we did not buy it we shared ours side veg. It was enough but I like the idea of always having a veg on a child plate. They don’t eat it easily so if it’s there they’ll get used to the idea that veg is always part of a meal either at home or in a restaurant.



    Fabienne very valid point and we will take it on board, but just so your aware we don’t actually charge for vegetables to be served with children’s meals we should definitely offer them on the menu . The reason we don’t automatically serve them is because they are rarely eaten. All the same we really appreciate your feed back and our new children’s menus should be ready in the next few weeks and will feature on our Facebook page and website.


    I also hate to see food going to waste.
    That’s why you should only place 2 carrots sticks (your carrot sticks with lemon butter was delicious) on the plate and / or a teaspoon of any green veg (peas, spinach…). And if they want more it’s easy to ask.
    But at least kids will see it in the plate and might eat it as it will be such a small portion it’s easier for the kids to eat a tiny bit rather than seen a normal portion and not try it at all.

    Will come again when going to eat out with kids.



    Winners announced yesterday on Facebook! Winners received a family pass to aura and runners up received a free Glenside mess!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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