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    Anyone be interested in a dog?
    I have a beautiful collie x with a Lab, he is beautiful,
    very well behaved dog, loves attention and really good on a lead, (when the excitement of being out fades, which is quickly thank god!)

    anyway, he is 2 yrs old, he’s not very hairy has a tight coat which is great as doesnt leave hair all over, very happy dog, loves a good rub on his belly just needs more attention than we can give him at the moment as DH has had his hours in work changed and now has to work nights and weekends and that, Max isnt gettin as much attention as he used to, and i cant walk him with DS, too awkward as DS is not very good at staying beside me!!

    is fully vac + nutured.
    Will give his kennel with him, big kennel though.. would need space for him and kennel.
    lives on dry food from pet shop, 17kg bad for 17.99 lasts one month.

    if anyone is interested or knows anyone who is interested please let me know, pm me ur email and i can send on a pic.

    free to good home – he is our baby and very sad to see him go.. :(



    I have pm’d you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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