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    I have had cold symptoms for three weeks now sneezing every day, sniffing tired…help whats wrong…..


    it’s going around
    also hayfever even those who don’t usually suffer with it….


    Echinacea can help if you take it regularly when feeling a cold coming on or suffering from one.

    Lots of hot drinks and sleep help too.

    Mark Acu

    Hi Happymumblemum

    Sounds very much like hayfever symptoms. It also ties in with a lot of clients I have had in the last few weeks with the same type thing.

    Warm drinks are important and as long as it does not affect your breathing it can be very easily treated. If you are taking anti histamine tablets it will take a few days to kick into action but will keep most symptoms at bay.

    Alternately if you want to treat it naturally here are a few other things to try
    Line your nose with some Vaseline it helps ease sneezing
    If your nose is really blocked or you have sinus symptoms place a warm face cloth or bean bag over the forehead and under eye area to encourage the area to drain away. Note not to have the temp too hot.

    If you have any other questions fire away. I know it’s a pain I used to suffer with it really badly but have it under control now……… I hope 😕

    Take care



    sounds like hayfever but the last cold i had lasted weeks and weeks, manuka honey was the only thing that got rid of it


    I was dying with sinus probs before the holidays – advised by doctor to give up dairy – took about 3 days to clear dairy from my system – am now pain free 😀


    my sister is taking prevalin, she says its good. its for hayfever but non drowsy, so ok to take during the day


    Anti gravity yoga is an instant cure for sinus trouble and manuka honey

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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