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    I am so not a morning person. No matter how early I go to bed it takes me ages to feel human in the morning. Every morning my alarm goes off and I feel like throwing it out the window.

    Are you a morning person. If you are I completely envy you!!


    I dont mind getting up in mornings to be honest although id rather no one talk to me hahaha. me and ds have a routine and we just get on with it.
    now if i get into work and my boss moans at me before 10.30 he will be told where to go!!

    dont need coffee to get going , in fact hardly drink it:)

    but LOVE saturdays and sundays, the peacefulness of NO alarm going off is devine! and roll on the rain cos then maybe ill sleep past 11.30 cos the ICE CREAM VAN wont be coming around that early!!! grrrr if i had a gun id shoot that stupid music thing they have!!


    I only started drinking coffee a few years ago and now I miss it if I don’t have it. I usually have one cup a day, on days where I’m totally knackered, I might have two. Last Christmas my husband and I bought each other the same present – a coffee maker.

    we may have issues with caffeine…….


    Ok, I don’t actually drink coffee in the morning, lol. thought the title was "catchy". pml. My friend’s dh makes her coffee each morning. Then one morning she had to make her own and had to ask her dh how she takes her own coffee. lol, so cute.

    I probably should start drinking it though!! This morning I had to wake a half hour earlier than normal and I felt like it was the middle of the night. I haven’t quite pepped up even now and 9:30 and I’ve been awake since 7.

    I just hate mornings. I climb out of bed each morning and tell my bed to stay nice and warm, as I will be returning to it soon. ; ) Why is it so hard to get out of bed in the morning, but then equally hard for me to put my butt back in it at night?


    Im the same, love my bed and my ds1 is the very same, well ds2 is also a bed lover has 2 naps during the day one 2 hours plus and the other 1 to 2 hours…. he would only be up an hour and he wants his cot……. but he is still wide away up there now mad with his teeth.

    I always promise I’ll go to bed early, hate getting up in the mornings…. had to get up at 5am for 13 years so maybe that has something to do with it, Im terrible for getting out of bed but dh and ds1 are like weeds until well after 10am and god forbid if they didnt get a good nights sleep… BEARS!!!! Some mornings I dont even utter a word until he comes around, I wish he would drink coffee 😆 😉


    My dd loves her bed too. She’s nearly 4 and sometimes escapes up to her room and puts herself to bed.

    Yesterday, as I was suffering with tiredness all morning, my ds (who is just 2) and my dh (who works in a pub) got to sleep til 10am. I was so very jealous.

    Now I’ve done it again. I was up til 1 am last night and am suffering for it big time right now. Why, why, why must the world have to function so early in the morning???

    I would love to be able to hop out of bed in the morning before anyone wakes, sit with the paper and a cup of tea, and enjoy the peace of the morning. Instead I curse it!! 👿


    Ok, I’ve just decided. I’m having coffee this morning. I may die if I don’t.


    I know I keep saying I’ll get up at 7am and go on my excercise bike for 30 mins and listen to the radio in peace…. but I always hit snooze and stay in bed until 7.40am!!!! going to start fresh from monday


    Actually i am ok in the morning, i can get a lot more work done in the morning. When i am up, i am up. We have a good routine in the morning, by 7:30 boys need to be in uniforms, eating breakfast and lunches made. Unfortunately they still havent grasped the concept on Sat/Sun still!!!
    Dont drink coffee really during the week, but i always find time at the weekend to nip up to Costa for my skiiny latte or head up to the Pavillion to Star bucks. Its my little treat! Could do with a pick me up now, been a long week


    Ya gotta love the snooze button!!!! alarm 7.30…dont get up till 7.55!

    A couple of times i have woken(weekends) and been up doing housework before ds has even opened an eye:)

    He is very good in the mornings, his alarm goes off at 8, up dressed, teeth, breakfast…even had my brekkie ready for me this morning 🙂 bowl of cornflakes to the BRIM spoon and milk left out…bless 🙂

    I cant deal with mental mornings so uniform/tracksuit laid out, my clothes for work laid outand lunches made the night before.

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