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    Which do you have? Whats the best? whats the cheapest to run?

    I have a gas fire, dont really use it as its too expensive (just for xfactor etc) i have a very bad wind blowing down my hole :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol: The chimney hole that it :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Im looking to getting the fire taken out and getting a multifuel stove fitted…. am i mad? My reasons are
    Im going for the stove as it has a door so no sparks or things being throw in etc… or no need for big fireguard

    1 why have a fire that you dont use, it only makes the room colder with the breeze
    2 i dont know how much it affects the gas bill
    3 if i have open fire i have paid for the fuel before using, so no nasty bill etc


    I don’t personally know anyone who uses a gas fire regularly…far too expensive to run. I had one for many years. This house had yipee…an open fire. Plain and simple…..a bag of coal, few sticks and so warm…lovely. A real treat any night. Not a big deal to clean out. And if your real lazy a cheap fire log from Aldi gives a lovely glow and heat for about 2hrs…enough for sitting down for a while at night.

    Electric fires have come on fab and my mum saw one recently that gives off a smoke effect also…..she knew it wasn’t real as was in a store but anywhere else you would be hard pushed to tell. Dimplex Optimist. … timyst.htm


    i wouldnt go for electric on if getting rid of the gas i want a real one


    no contest in my book…. hate gas with a passion. Have an open fire on my side, and wouldn’t change it for love nor money….


    Have gas fire on A LOT for cosy factor ATM, don’t like it would prefer proper fire, correct is extortionate cost. Used to have open fire in one room and multi fuel stove in other, in my other house, much nicer.

    Who has a recommendation for who to do for the kind of thing Taylor suggesting – any ball park figures?

    Taylor maybe we get a discount if we approach somewhere together and say we both want same thing?! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀




    real fire in a week tomorrow and the heat from it is unreal.

    Gas fire i hated it…

    The guy who took out our gas fire said the amount of people getting out Gas fires is unreal.. He said this year alone he only put in 2 gas fires… says something…

    I am loving my fire… 🙂


    Did what you are thinking of Taylor. Had gas, too expensive to run and I feel the cold. Disconnected the gas and opened out the fire.

    Hated the gaping hole so we bought an electric inset into it. Loved putting on just the light (the psychological fire!!!) and that worked out well as some nights were chilly enough to stick it on for an hour but not warranted the hassle of lighting a fire. Also put a chimney balloon up the chimney during the summer months to keep the wind out. You can get these from a lovely lady from Drogheda…

    We’re getting the stove unit in next week though. DH is mad about them and he;’s the firelighter in this house! Fireplaces direct in donore are doing great deals at the moment.


    My house was built to get gas fire only.
    So we put shelves in it instead to block the wind.
    Do you know if we could put a solid stove instead?

    I’m thinking about having a stove installed in the extension/sunroom as it’s iced cold in the winter and I do want to see some flames, I miss that.

    Do you think offers will be less good in january?
    Have to buy a fridge so I’d like to spread out the costs. Yes we need at the same time heat/fire and cold/fridge but not in the same rooms 😆 😆 😆


    Hjs i rang for a friend of mine today, when she heard what i was getting she wanted to know what would suit her, she has a back boiler so looking to get a stove to heat the rads too… the guy is lovely and said he would look after us.
    I was looking for insert stoves they range from about 900 to the cheapest was the one i found in Drogheda for 350, im delighted with the price.. have to pay for fitting and the gas fire out etc…. but told dh its my xmas present 😆 😆 😆

    Kate i was up in fireplace direct and got great advice, i have an off white sandstone fireplace, it will get manky with an open fire and there is a risk of cracking 😯 But what the heck will cross that bridge when we come to it…. didnt tell dh if not he will rob my dream from me. They had fab stand alone stoves up there and as you said brilliant prices, but bohills are much cheaper for what im looking for.

    Fabienne, my brother got a wood pelet burner in his sunroom, its stand alone and has its own chimney/pipe…. might be worth looking into. Dont forget in the new year the VAT rate will be 23% so it will add a few pence onto the cost of things


    I have Gas central Heating , but recently got an open fire

    Wow its brill – real heat,,,,

    We just love it – The smell in the house is just great… Heat is even better
    Love it


    OK Taylor I’m coming shopping with u for the stove get details etc off u re fire in I don’t care what dh says.

    PM/Text/ring/fb with details will u? Out Coleraine all day tomorrow (will i ever get there/back re snow!) so if u wanna hook up weekend finr.

    Would love to get done asap, pref before DD back from travels next weekend 😀 😀 😀


    Im heading over tomorrow to have a look, the one in bohills is 350 and the fitting is extra ~(between 100 and 200 euro)

    This is the one i wanted but going to get, but the bohills one is cheaper but havent had a look at it yet, dont know the name of it, its not Dimplex… its from poland, should be good with their climate. Will let you know tomorrow how i get on


    went over… 350 is rock bottom, he said thats what he sells to trade at then they sell for 499e.
    I was onto the fitter guy and it looks like at least 2 weeks before he can fit me in, they are out the door with orders…. i will pm you the fitters number if you want to talk nicely too him for an early fitting…. im happy to wait


    Just to throw a spanner in the works…..
    check out wood burner stoves on ebay…..
    especially if you already have the details of someone to fit… etc….
    some really good deals there….


    They are lovely arent they….. bohills are just as cheap and fireplace direct, they all have great offers on at the moment.
    Its the insert one im looking for, have it booked, fitter coming next week to have a look and price the job, then i get a date for fitting…. HAPPY DAYS!!!!
    on a day like today i want it NOW!!! 😆 😆 😆

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