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    I am so annoyed but I don’t want to lose the head so thought id ask for some advice on here first.

    My daughter was at sports training the other day and one of the coaches (who I will say is passionate about sport but can be a bit too much at times IMO) shouted at my daughter to get her to concentrate more on what she was doing. She let a fair shout at her and my daughter ran off crying. She is a tough kid and does not cry easily so it must have been a hell of a shout to get her to run off crying.

    I was actually at one of my other children’s matches so I was not there when it happened. But my husband was there and he told the coach that she cannot speak to any child like that. She said sorry to my husband (rather huffily apparently) and then she said sorry to our daughter.

    When my husband told me I was livid. I mean, its one thing to spur the kids on but to shout at a child and make them cry, is NOT ok!

    My husband thinks he has dealt with it and I should just leave it but I am still pretty mad and I am worried about what I will actually say to this coach when I next see her.

    what would you do if you were me? leave it alone or say something?

    is it too much if I say it to her, as my husband already did and she did say sorry.



    Oh I have hate stuff like this….it’s an awkward one.on the one hand she has apologised your daughter still upset?.if she is over it id let it go as she may be embarrassed if you talk to her coach about it again.i would see what she wants you to do and let her decide maybe?.

    Is the coach usually ok with the kids?.maybe it was just an off day?

    Will you be able to bite your tongue next time you see her though?…..only you will know.



    I think Haileysmum gave a really good reply there. I would think everyone feels it is dealt with as your husband spoke to her already and she as apologised. Just keep an eye on it in the future and if it happens again you may need to discuss it with the coach but I wouldn’t necessarily do it in the heat of the moment as tempers will most likely flare and she won’t actually hear what you are trying to get across and will most likely just get defensive no matter what you say and that won’t be good for anyone.

    With sport people get caught up in the heat of the moment and maybe that’s what happened.



    Thanks for your advice. I am not going to say anything, my daughter seems to have forgotten about it so I’m letting it go. I think it was probably heat of the moment thing and you’re right things can get heated in sports, so I’ll say nothing. If it happens again I will have to say something but hopefully, it won’t.

    I know coaches give alot of their time to these clubs and I really appreciate it – I guess, as a mother, I just saw red that she shouted at my child and made her cry.

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