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    super minder

    a lot of you said i didnt give you a lot of notice about the last clothes swaping night.

    so friday 29 of may at 8pm bring your sheoes ,hangbands, clothes , make up anything girly . and a bottle of what you drink i will do the punch and finger food.

    we put all the stuff in the sittingroom and then a free for all. we gave all the left over clothes to charity . mind you we only had one bag left.

    if everyone brings 3 euros with them we can have a raffle i will put up the prizes something girly from ann summers xxx money going to woman refuse they need the help.

    get me here or text 0851292400

    132 meadow view drogheda. anyone who needs a bed that night i will have maybe three beds . xxx


    hi angie, wont be able to make the next one, as i’ll be around 30 weeks pg (pls God) but I will keep an eye out for another in the summer, and I can have a few glasses of that punch!!! 😆
    Was at another night in yours ages ago with pinkbabe!! Great night 😆


    I’m planning on getting to this – I met Angie for the first time the other day so I reckon we are in for a night of great fun and entertainment and lets face it, we could all do with a good laugh at the moment!!


    Hi all,

    Since Angie is so good for organising this…I’ve asked an image consultant to come along on the night and give us some tips about what kinds of clothes suit different types of gals.

    She will give us a few tips, free of charge and if anyone wants to book a private session with her at a later stage, I’m sure that can be arranged. I went to an event she was presenting and she was excellent – I tore through my wardrobe afterwards – which is probably why I have so many items to bring to the clothes swapping night!!!

    Looking forward to it…



    Would have loved to go, but we are heading away that weekend. Would love to know how it goes, nothing in my wardrobe but white t-shirts and comfy bottoms. Just bought a couple of dresses on line [url][/url] anyone ever used them?


    dont want to barge in on thread but lai did ask, yeah bought a few stuff from there, just beware that the material on some of the asos own stuff is a bit dodgy, defo look at what they are amde of before buying!

    super minder

    doesnt matter what clothes you bring . im certainly not a disigner babe.
    anything will do sheo, clothes old xmas gift like make up and purfume etc that some gave you and you will never use.

    sorry about spellings im dyslic see cant even spell that. 😀 😀


    I will be there my dear & I will be taking you up on the offer of a bed for the night 🙂

    Booked my sitter after you left today 🙂

    super minder

    sabbi will be happy she small like you. xxxx

    open house all welcome xxxxxxxxxxx

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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