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    any one know how to stop a toddler being to clingy to her mother my one is unrealy clingy


    I always tell my ds when Im leaving him etc… I hate people saying "Oh mammy is just going to the loo" then mammy fecks off out. This can confuse a child and then they expect mammy to vanish everytime she leave the room.


    I agree with you Taylor, always say when you are leaving… Our DD was very clingy, still is a bit, but not as much and we helped ease it a bit by leaving her! Basically, bring her to her Nana’s or something and then go to the shop, only 5 or 10 minutes – it got her to know that we were coming back….


    yehdefinately, when my dd was 1 1/2 i went back to work and had to leave her in creche full time, i was a single mum at the time.i started her two weeks before i was due to start work. on the 1st day i stayed in with her for about half an hour then took her home, gradually i started just leaving the room,then going to the shop, then leaving her for a couple of hours etc untill she was very happy (nearly pushing me out the door) knowing that i would always come back. She is very social, never clingy after that, i can go anywhere now and she wouldnt bat an eyelid but i do know kids the same age as her,8 yrs, that wont even go to stay in relatives house or go to birthday parties without their mammies its exhausting for mammies. I believe my dd is content now because it was done correctly in the first place. its a hard job. but harder if the are 8 or 9 and still like that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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