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    I’m the same, want more time with my son & new baby daughter! I did have a cleaner before but wasnot very good and then wanted to increase the rates!

    Please advise what is the normal hourly rate, for some-one to come in once a week?

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


    I believe the cost is anywhere from 10-15 euro perhour.
    I did call a few people in the paper over the last few days and then wanted to charge more for outside of drogheda. I was a bit shocked.
    Hope this helps


    Hi There,

    I have a Polish girl who has been cleaning for me for about a year & although she is a very, very nice girl & I like her, i don’t think that she does that great a job. Some weeks she does ironing rather then cleaning if needs be which is great.

    She never tidies which is annoying, 99% of the time the house is tidy before she gets there so that she can clean but some weeks i may leave some things as i just don’t have time before i go to work & she cleans around them. Also if there are breakfast dishes on the counter, she wouldn’t even throw them in the dishwasher!! Like when we got a highchair for the baby she never cleaned it until i had to specifically ask her to do it every week. She rarely dusts the windowsills & bedside lockers, i have to keep reminding her. She dusts around things on furniture & doesn’t pick them up. Doesn’t seem to use her own initiative at all.

    I have tried to address these issues & others, with her before but her English is bad. I even went on line & translated what i wanted to say & wrote it down but the situation hasn’t really improved.

    I pay her 10E per hour & she cleans for 3 hours a week.

    She didn’t show up yesterday but is usually very reliable & punctual, so I’d say she hasa good reason.

    I had a cleaner before who wouldn’t clean the floors as she had a bad back & said my mop was too low for her back!!! I had another one who turned up when she felt like it, could never rely on her, then had another one who wanted me to buy specific products for her to clean with, cost me a fortune – she had a list for me every week, very annoying.

    After saying that, i trust my cleaner to be in my house when I’m not there & i really need a cleaner, so wouldn’t change cleaners unless i had a really good recommendation. If you have one, please pm me?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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