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    The parents of Termonfeckin National Schools current junior and senior infants were notified today (in the general school newsletter) without even the courtesy to tell the affected parents directly,
That the current senior infants class of 27 will be split in two one of 13 the other of 14 and added to the already full two junior infants class which both have close to 25 meaning the new classes will be close to 40 students. 

The reasons this is an issues is the fact that senior infants finish an hour before the new first class, it can take 20 minutes to get a bunch of 5/6 year olds (senior infants) in line coats on and out to parents at 2pm, meaning the first class will be possibly left to their own devices for twenty minutes or just flat out loose 20 minutes five days a week for a whole school year. 
The curriculum of junior and seniors is the same whilst the curriculum of the first and second classes are the same so why then were the new first class not split and added to the 2nd class.

    Another issue is that one of the teachers for the affected class will be out on maternity year for some time so the little kids will have to get used to loosing their friends, having a lower standard of education and having two teachers in one year.

The school has belittled the parents of the current senior and junior class not taking the time to contact them, not offering any explanation.
This may be the best option for the school but certainly not for the pupils. the department of education and the school really need to look at how this will affect the young senior infants which are really just like junior infants and the soon to be first class who will face a great change in what they are thought in Maths, English and Irish. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks 


    We had something similar and I was quite worried about it but it turned out ok in the end. It was my daughter that was going into senior infants but they did not have enough for a full second class, so she was put in a class of mixed juniors and senior infants. I thought it might inhibit her or hold her back a bit but she managed fine. It did not do her any harm and it was only for one year and then this year, she was moved into first class and it was not mixed.

    not sure if I would be over the moon either but what can you do? our education system is not in the best possible shape…

    With our school they were quite nice about it, they invited us to come and speak with them about it etc so they managed it quite well in fairness to them.


    In our school it has appeared to me once they’re in a mixed class they seem to be stuck in it year after year.
    There’s one in my dd year but thankfully she’s always been in the full class.

    40 seems excessive as well?


    My daughter is not in school yet but I would not be happy to hear she was going to be in a class of 40….that just seems mad to me. i mean how can one person take care of that many 4/5 year olds-that’s impossible.

    I think it is very bad form as well how you were informed of the changes.


    Your all right it is not ideal and mixing them up is not the main issue in my opinion. it is the lack of communication with parents involved. and the mixing of two curriculums and two finishing times. I am really quite cross how are 4/5 year olds meant to be thought their basics whilst 6/7 years olds though more advanced. All whilst there is slower, more disruptive and shy kids that will possibly go unnoticed. I just dont feel this is the best solution for anyone involved. I think they dont want to mix with 2nd because it may affect their communion preparation which should be of less importance.


    Very frustrating that you were not called into the school and told, but I guess they knew what the reaction would be.

    My DD is in Walshestown, and all their classes are mixed, its not a very large school and I don’t think anyone ever had problems with this.

    When my DH went there, there was only 2 classrooms and 4 classes to a room! (There was only 6 in his class!)


    hi as you say it’s not so much the mixing but the lack of communication i’d be annoyed about
    my dd is in a small school only 4 classrooms – junior & senior are mixed, as are 1st/2nd, then 3rd/4th, then 5th/6th the curriculim for each of those 2 yrs are similar and the prepration for the communion/confirmation doesn’t seem to be a problem. Should have said altought they are mixed there is only 22/23 per classroom 40 does seem alot

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